Where in the World is Autumnblossom?

While my title suggests that I’ve gone somewhere, I haven’t.  I just haven’t been online much at all.  The silkworms are doing well, I wrote a terrible (and yet unseen) post about macaroni and cheese, scrambled to do progress reports, and have attended a couple more hockey games.

I’m still here, y’all.  I’m not hiding from Swine Flu yet, even if all my kids are sick.  It really is flu season right now.  I had a head cold this weekend but nothing special to report.

Currently doing a makeover on Bill.  I spent more on a haircut for him today than he spends in a year.  The best qoute “I spend $30 in a year for haircuts” to which I said “Yeah, thats why I had to spend $30 to fix your $6 haircut.”  He really looks great with his new haircut.

So here I am.  I haven’t knit since we finished state testing at work, so maybe in 2 weeks.  Our knitting group had a booth at the local Earth Day that looked really great.  I brought my silkworms and gave a couple out to people interested in showing them to their students.

This weekend, assuming I don’t get the regular flu or the swine flu, I will be visiting my mom for early Mother’s Day, going to faire and coming right back.  Should have excellent pictures to satiate everyone’s need to see pictures of Darby, yarn, and silkworms.



I have silkworms! One of our OH teachers has been raising silkworms for more than 30 years, providing eggs and worms for our kindergarten classes.  She had oodles of worms this years and I volunteered to take some of the worms for my older students to see.  I intend to actually take the silkworms once they are in their cocoons and spin some of that into a silk thread.

I have been looking for blogs talking about how to weave silk cocoons.  Some of my students were horrified that the worm has to be killed in order to harvest the cocoon.  I understand that it sounds awful and I am glad that the students take a moment to consider what happens to worms and animals.

It was a busy weekend, dinner Friday, costume party Saturday, and Easter dinner Sunday.  I don’t have pictures of any of it to share with you.  There are a couple pictures that friends have floating around and Bill took pictures that I can upload eventually.  For today all I have to share are pictures of silk worms.

That Just Sounds Gross

I saw a commercial for Sonic’s Jr. Frito Chili Cheese Wrap. It’s chili with Frito’s in it then topped with cheese and wrapped in a tortilla. Eew. Now, I love things wrapped in a tortilla but I really hate chili.  I love Frito’s too, but adding chili to it and wrapping it in a tortilla is just too much for me.

In other news I did a lot this weekend. None of it is interesting enough to write about.  I moved carpeting, painted walls, and knit.  Unfortunately, the knitting is progressing so slowly so I don’t have much to show.

Last weekend I went to the zoo with my fabulous cousin in San Francisco.  They had a petting zoo, so I was all over going to visit the fuzzy animals.  I have sheep and goat pictures to share.

I was hoping they would have a sheering and spinning lesson...but it is just a zoo.

I was hoping they would have a sheering and spinning lesson...but it is just a zoo.

Me wuth an adorable goatie.

Me with an adorable goatie.

A sleeping lioness.

A sleeping lioness.

Ring tailed lemur.

Ring tailed lemur.

So now that I am finished making all those booties it has come to my attention that another co-worker has just had a baby and I have finally finished a baby blanket for another co-worker.  So more knitting is in the work, and I do have yarn left over…but I am finally tired of knitting those adorable booties.