The End of Summer…It Must be Autumn

I spent the first half of summer vacation at home and the last half anywhere but home. Bill and I went to Lake Tahoe, drove to Washington, cruised to Alaska, drove back and left the next day to go camping some more. It was super busy.

I didn’t pack any knitting for any of my trips, figuring that I would be sooo busy the whole time. It turned out that on the cruise we spent most of our time in the library reading or on the top deck, reading some more, that I could have easily finished and worn a sweater with all that free time.

Alaska was awesome, the cruise was fabulous, the driving 2000 miles was horrible, as was camping off of service roads. Camping after we got back was also great, except for mosquitos, of which we saw none whilst in Alaska.

Picture time!

Caving in California

Checking out the Oregon Coast

Seattle tour with Talented photojournalist friend (not pictured) who takes artsy photos and amazing portraits

Fourth of July Parade, Alaska Style

Hiking in Mendelhall Glacier Park (I got us lost)

Hiking to Smugglers Cove in Skagway (I got us lost again, but found us too).

Checking out the glacier at Tracy Arm. There were too many icebergs, so we had to turn the boat around.

Yarn Shop in Victoria, BC.

Fancy captains dinner and my chocolate espresso souffle. The couple behind me got engaged while we were in Victoria, congratulations to them, they were the nicest people.

Here is the boat, I guess that's pretty important.

Here is what we did most on the boat (Also, I thought he looked really sweet, asleep like that)

That sums up our trip. Next time I’ll have some knitting content for everyone. School has been in session for 3 and a half weeks (we started in July) and I’ve been out of grad school since June (doesn’t mean I’ve graduated, just that I am done for now, and have enough units that I should have graduated, had my new school accepted any of my units from the previous school).