World Wide Knit in Public Day

I spent WWKIP day in Lake Tahoe and found it difficult to find anyone knitting in public.  After scouring the interwebs I finally gave up and went to a yarn shop I know about in South Lake Tahoe.  I commenced to not knit there, being frustrated with my silk shawl, and instead worked on the newest baby blanket of doom.

A teeny section of said Baby Blanket of Doom.

A teeny section of said Baby Blanket of Doom.

I talked to a very nice woman who started a crocheted hexagon blanket based on the blanket from Attic24 (link on the side on my blog).  I knew exactly the blanket, which is great because the lady working there didn’t know.  She also didn’t know about WWKIP day.  So the nice lady visiting Tahoe and I talked while her yarn was being wound into cakes.  It was really nice.

There was this awesome mermaid in the window.  Love it!!

Awesome mermaid.  Must make...

Awesome mermaid. Must make...

There was lots of hiking too, but thats another post.  But here is a sneak peek…

Me in a Tree!

Me in a Tree!


Half Dome

The first day of summer vacation our church group took a trip to Yosemite to hike Half Dome.  I would give you a whole summary of the trip, but this is much quicker.

Trail head, but you have to walk to get there.

Trail head, but you have to walk to get there.

1. About 18 miles total

2.You finish more than 1 mile above sea level (you go up abotu 4000 feet from where you start)

3. It’s definately not a walk.

more stairs

4. Half carved granite stairs on the side of a cliff to hike.

Mist falls 2

5. You mean we get dripping wet walking past mist falls? I didn’t want to get wet!

6. Squirrel!!

7. Oh, more stairs…

8. Bathroom!

looking down

9. Oh, more stairs

10. Deer, Deer, Deer!

11. Thunder

12, Ok, the ranger said we should turn arond now before the thunderstorm, but we don’t know where our group is.

13. Stairs, really?

14. Squirrel!

15. Is that thunder?

16. Is that lightning?

17. I’m going to hold onto this tree until I can stand up again. (repeat 20 more times)

18. Is that Half Dome?

19. Ok, I’m going to go up these barely carved giant steps and scrabble up this granite slope that doesn’t even have handrails.

20. A member of our group twists his knee right behind me.

20.  That’s definately lightning,

reaching my goal

21. I touched the poles! I reached my impossible goal!

22. Storm coming, get down, get down!!  Where’s Bill?  He’s still on the cables to go up.

23.  Our group member is still on the stairs, with 2 people helping him down.

rain coming in on top of half odme

24. It’s raining on top of half dome and we are slogging along.

25. What do you mean this isn’t the trail?

wounded on the dome

26. Ouch!

27. The ranger takes our injured member and tells us to get down before dark.

28.  Waterfall!

29.  Wow, I didn’t know my knees could hurt this much!

30. Yeah, we’ll wait for the bus.

Now for the awesome parts.

bridge after mist falls

Bill and autumn on top of half dome

nevada falls

I never ever thought I would be able to do a hike like this,  It was incredible, inspiring, exhausting, painful, and something I will be able to talk about the rest of my life.  Big thanks to Bill, who encouraged me the whole way up, telling me I just had to keep taking little steps and knew I could do it even though I didn’t.

Our group was awesome, hilarious, and in some cases, terrified of heights.  We literally banded together to get our friend down the hill, faced crazy weather, and the majority of us made it all the way up and back down.  For our friend who had to stay with the rangers and really injured himself we had a collection to help pay for the doctor visit and the horse ride back down.