WEBS Contest

Knit Purl Gurl is having a WEBS Contest at her blog. You need to check out WEBS yarn shop, which I hadn’t heard of before, which is America’s Yarn Shoppe. Given some of my poor experiences with local yarn shoppes (excluding Knitwits and The Yarn Shoppe, which I still love) perhaps I should start buying online too…

They have Dream In Color yarn, which I absolutely LOVE.


Cutest Alphabet Song Ever

My friend uploaded a video of her son singing the alphabet. It has to be absolutely the cutest damn thing I have ever, ever seen. Go to it here: Gabriel Sings the Alphabet.

Oh yeah, knitting news…I am still working away on Saartje’s Booties.  I have one pair finished, one pair that turned out WAAY larger than I expected because I used too big yarn (kind of a “no, duh” I know) that just needs buttons sewn on, and another pair halfway finished.  Love those booties.  You can find links to the pattern in previous posts.

Valentines Day.  I have a sweet boyfriend. Our plans fell through. It wasn’t the most amazing Valentines Day on the face of the Earth, and I might have been a wee bit of a PMS headcase (did you know if you say I have a fat vagina I will cry.  I mean no one did or anything, but it came up in a really weird conversation today) but I still have a sweet boyfriend and I am very lucky ..no, blessed.. to have him in my life.

Valentine's Flower

Interesting side story.  I went to a yarn shop in a near by town Saturday and went to use their restroom.  The light wasn’t working, I tried it several times, looked at the woman working there who finally said “Oh, the light is broken or something” and I had to go in the dark.  I came back out more than a little annoyed and asked why they just didn’t send someone to go get a light bulb, as the owner had forgotten to purchase one the day before.  Instead, the owner (I’m presuming, forgive me) asked the knitting class if they wanted the bathroom to be closed or if they would rather pee in the dark.  I left at this point, because the level of ridiculous was too high.  With 2 people working, at least 6 people having a knitting group, and a store right down the street how was it no one thought to buy a bulb and replace it?  The owner really should have been concerned for the safety of her patrons and her insurance, which would have skyrocketed if some knitter, peeing blind, had slipped and fallen and cracked their skulls in there.  One more yarn shop I will probably not return to.  Sigh.

Baby Booties!

My sister mentioned that she has several clients who are expecting and wanted to knit them gifts.  I was quick to offer my services, as I have a lot more free time than my always-working sister.  I started with a pair of Saartjes Booties (ravelry link), a pattern which I have admired.  I used some left over silk-wool blend you might recognize from the cabled hot-water bottle cozy made in December.

saartjes-booties-1I think these are absolutely adorable although I don’t know if the new moms or moms-to-be will like dark purple as much as they would like pink or white.  I will be making a pair in both pink and white before I send them off to my sister.

Saartje's booty

Saartje's booty

The other pattern I used, these ones a quick knit for a co-worker’s baby born Thursday, were Lavish Booties by Lion Brand.  I really was not a fan of the finished result, nor the pattern, but in the end they are not too bad.  I took adorable pictures, which I think helps.

Lavish Booties

Lavish Booties

Lavish Booties 2

Lavish Booties 2

There were plenty of other things I did this weekend, but there is only so much blog one should put up at a time.

For those of you who don’t have Ravelry yet and need links to the free patterns above, here are links easily accessible to you.  Saartjes Booties (free pattern is a PDF on the right side)  &   Lavish Booties (you will need to be registered to Lion Brand Yarn to open it).