High School Renunion

I bought two tickets to my high school renunion in Las Vegas.  The first qualm I had about that what that we graduated in Hesperia, California which is 3 hours away, so like 200 miles.  Tickets were $80 per person, which was very difficult to swallow being that I was in the process of quitting my job and moving to Washington.  In spite of that and my weird fear that everyone would be skinnier and hotter than me I bought 2 tickets so Deana and I could go and in return she would pay for the hotel.

Suffice to say, our renunion was a lot like our prom.  It was in a place that didn'[t make much sense, cost way too much, and a lot of people didn’t go.  I graduated in a class of 600 people.  Of those 600, maybe 45 came to the renunion and 12 spouses.  So, out of a grand total of a possible, lets say 800 people who would have attended if everyone were to come with spouses, we had about …um… 12%.  We couldn’t even afford the entertainment that had been advertised, so we had a dj instead.  No one danced, everyone sat at tables talking or went into the casino to buy drinks because it was cheaper.

On a positive note, a saw some people that I got along with really well in highschool and it was really nice to talk to them.  We all pretty much look the same, just a little older.  As one girl pointed out, we all look the same but with bigger boobs because everyone gained weight and filled out, except Holly, that is.  She totally looks the same, still really slender.  She seems a little more relaxed that what I remember.  But then again, I don’t remember shit from high school.

I’m at Desi’s house right now, who is my best friend from birth and elementary school.  She took off with Deana, my best friend from highschool, to go to Hesperia and I’m waiting for Desi’s husband to get home to take me to the airport.  Desi has some relatives living with her right now because they can’t afford to live on their own and they somke pot all the time.  Desi was really polite about keeping the smoke away from me since I don’t do drugs but her cousins husband smoked a huge amount in his room right before he left for work and it filled up the whole house with stinky smoke.  Then, like and hour and a half later, his wife lights up and smokes some too, so the house is all smokey again.  I’m concerned that I’m getting a contact high and will test positive for drugs if I have to take a drug test to get a job.  Because I need a job still.  

I really didn’t think it would be so difficult to get a job in Washington.  maybe beaseu I have an art degree businesses are leery to hire me because tye think I’m some super liberal, hippy, druggy art person.  Or perhaps, as D said, it’s because I’m from California and people up north dislike Californians, especially Southern Californians.  Or perhaps it’s because I have 3 degree’s and am halfway through my MA (which I doubt I’ll finish any time soon) and thusly and seriously overqualified for the positions to which I apply.  I suspect it is because I was an art teacher and as such people think that I am incapable of doing secretairial or administrative work.  Silly people, what do you think teachers do when they don’t have class?  We enter grades, type letters, call parents, and do other secretarial and administrative work.  We’re like superbeings, teaching and being our own sercrtary’s.  Of course, towards the end I just didn’t have it in me to do much of anything at school, but I think it’s because I was depressed over Noah and Janet dying and Josh leaving me.  I really lost my will to exist for a while.


darby ate my needles

darby ate my needles

darby ate my needles,
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I was watching tv and could hear Darby happliy gnawing away at her bone. At least, I thought it was her bone. I went to the coffee table to pick up the hat I was working on for Josh to find my needles in the mouth of a very conted Darby, chewing away. Of course, the roommates cat had gotten ahold of it also, as was evidenced by the yarn having been bitter in two. I think I have another set of 16″ #5’s that I can use, otherwise it’s off to the craft store to get another set.

hat supplies

Returning to the flock (of knitters, that is)

hat supplies

After my first week or so of knitting in Washington I had gotten distracted. I started a portrait of my brother, did plenty of talking to the other boys on match.com, even went out on one very very boring date. Now I am back on path and making a hat of my own design, using a chart I found online.