1 pound puppy sweater

Hey Y’all!

I know it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I put up a new pup sweater.  This quick and dirty pattern was written for a knitter who left a comment mentioning her 1 lb puppy and her lack of 10.5 dpns.

So for your tiny puppy…
size 8 double pointed needles (or something close, hey, we can’t be too particular…the goal is a warm puppy, not certain needles)
regular or bulky yarn…probably something a little bulky.  (same thing….warm puppy, not some particular yarn)

Cast on 24, knit in a 2×2 rib for 1.5 inch (or 2.5-3″ for a little turtleneck or mock turtleneck).

Increase for chest shaping as follows (please note, your going to have a stockinette panel where the increases are, everythingelse should stay in the 2×2 rib):
Knit 1, increase 1, knit 1, increase 1 finish the round in 2×2 rib (26 sts total)

Next row: Knit 1, increase 1, knit 2, increase 1, knit 1…finish the round in 2×2 rib (28 sts total)

Next row: knit 2, increase 1, knit 4, increase 1, knit 2 finish the round in 2×2 rib (30 sts total)

your tube should be about 2 ” long…. more or less…remember, this is quick and dirty

Leg Holes:
Knit 4, cast off 6, knit 14, cast off 6
Next row: knit 4, cast on 6, knit 14, cast on 6

Body: Knit until it is as long as you feel it should be.  Then do an inch of 2×2 ribbing.

Well, I know this is a quick and sloppy pattern for you to use, but I hope it works out for you.


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23 thoughts on “1 pound puppy sweater

  1. It’s rather difficult to find patterns for pup sweaters 🙂 I just started knitting and this is really easy to understand for me! Hopefully the finish product is just as good!

  2. another stupid question, you mentioned that u hated blocking/sewing patterns so is this done in circular or double pointed needles?

  3. wow i am an idiot 🙂 i just saw the size 8 double pointed needles and then in paraenthesis about the size 😦 sorry!!!

  4. thanks sooo much!
    I am really glad that you modified the easy, simple pattern that you had before, JUST FOR ME!!! ( well, and others too.)

    Just to let you know, I have gotten biscuit, and she will only weigh 4 pounds. (at the most)

    yet again, thanks!

  5. Autumn, Thank you so much for this pattern for the puppy sweater. I can’t wait to start knitting it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  6. I just finished knitting this adorable sweater for my granddaughter’s puppy Jasmine. It really turned out cute, can’t wait to send it out to her. I used a fun fur yarn that has small flat balls in it along with a worsted yarn for the first 2×2 ribbing and it really looks cute. This knitted up really fast. I can’t wait to make another one as she grows.

  7. I just finished knitting this sweater in a fun bulky weight yarn and it came out so cute! I’m picking up my new little one this week and it’s freezing, so it will definitely come in handy. It worked up so quick I’m going to make the 2 lb one now. Thanks again for all your hard work putting these patterns together, they are very much appreciated!!

  8. I just a Pomchi for my birthday and she’s a tiny little thing. I was so glad to find your website as she’s shivering most of the time and it’s not even really Fall yet.

    I don’t want her freezing during the winter (I live in Ontario and it gets to -40 C outside sometimes).

  9. Autum you are awesome I am picking up my lil male chi on friday and was looking at sweaters and there was no way they were gonna fit. Super excited he can have a whole wardrobe and we live in the woods with snow rain and cold. This is perfect

  10. my baby is real tiny and is the size of a 2 week old at 6 weeks. I hope a baby sock will work now but would like a real tiny sweater.He is not quite normal.

  11. Hi Autumn,
    My parents just got a 9 week old minature dauschund and I would like to make her this sweater. My concern is that I’m fairly new to knitting and have not tried the DPNs yet or the circular needles. Can you convert this pattern for straight needles? Thanks so much for your response!

    • Hi Kim,
      This is really easy to convert to a pattern for straight needles. When you cast on to your straight needle to start just read each line back and forth instead of joining to go around. If you read the pattern you can see that each line is symmetrical, that is, the same reading it from the beginning of the line as it is reading it from the back of the line first. You can literally skip the joining round and still be able to follow the pattern. This will create a flat piece that will need to be sewn up. The sewing up part will be a seam running down the chest and tummy. I’m sorry that my response has been so late in coming. I have truly neglected my blog.

  12. Hi All, I live in the uk and my Pup weighs under a 1lb! (he was born 11 days premature and has been bottle fed since birth because his Mom needed emergency surgery and is poorly) My question what sizes are the needles in metric? and what yarn is best acrylic or wool? Blessed Be xoxoxo

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