A Finished February Fitted Sweater After a Long Absence.

Wow, it’s been a while.

I’m sorry dear blog and readers for neglecting you both, but there is something new in my life, making itself a complete time suck for me.  Grad School.

Now, I’ve been to lots of school (as you can tell by that wonderfully constructed statement) but the one class I’ve taken so far has proven to take a lot more time than I remember school taking.  Lots and lots of time.  Since I’ve been working superhard to keep ahead of my assignments and reading for the week I have day to devote to all my favorite things, like facebook, blogging, knitting, and walking the puppy.

I made a sweater, I finished it over spring break.  It is awesome.  It is the February Fitted Sweater, by Amy Herzog and I knit it in Dream in Color in a beautiful green colorway that reminds me of irish moss and rolling hills.

Finishing my sweater I took the first opportunity I could to wear it.  So, the next day I was off to Monterey Bay Aquarium in my fancy new February.

On the way we stopped at Casa De Fruta for some hanging out at the casa’s (casa de candy, casa de vino, casa de fruta, casa de banos (hee))

I try to look frightenend for the "Haunted Tunnel"

Then it was off to the aquarium!!!

I love the kelp forest windows.

The Whale really, really wantes to be in the picture. Photobomb much?

Also, there were very knitterly things that I would not mind knitting at all.

A knitty blowfish!!!