Darby’s Cabled Sweater Pattern (Chihuahua Sweater)

As promised, a free knit sweater pattern for your extra small dog.

Darby is tired of modeling

……She’s so cute and warm and sleepy from all the modeling……

For those of you new to my blog (thats everyone but me) Darby is my adorable 3lb 1oz chihuahua who spends most of her time asleep on my lap and is the owner of an ever increasing sweater collection. Now that it is starting to rain and get colder in the Pacific Northwest she is more that happy to wear a sweater or two.

As promised to my blog reader, I’ve rewritten Darby’s sweater pattern and (hopefully) corrected any errors. This time, it has a cable on the back, ribbing at the top and bottom (to prevent rolling and give it a nice stretch) and shaping along the center, between the legs so it is fitted all the way along the body. I am working on a new pattern and trying some different methods of shaping the see if I can get an even nicer finished look. I apologize in advance for the awful harvest gold color, it was a stash-busting opportunity for me.

Lion brand Woolease

Size 8 double pointed needles

I hate sewing edges, so whenever possible, I will knit in the round. Naturally, I make a lot of hats. This sweater will start out at 24 inches, increasing for the chest area and then adding leg holes. I have added a cable along the back. If you don’t want to do that, just knit all the way across each row and do the increases and decreases the same. It may come out a little looser though.

Cast on 24 sts loosely, divide equally over 3 needles, 8 sts each needle, join together (this will be the bottom center, between the legs area)

Do a k2, p2 rib for 2 inches

Begin increases for chest

Switch to straight stitch

kfb of first stitch, k7, p1, k6, p1, k7, kfb of last stitch (26 sts)

Kfb, k 8, p1,k6, p1, k8, kfb, (28 sts)

Kfb, k9, p1, k6, p1, k9, kfb (30)

Kfb, k10, p1, k6, p1, k10, kfb (32)

Kfb, k 11, p1, k6, p1, k11, kfb (34)

Kfb, k12, p1, do a cable crossover here, (pick up the 1st 3 sts to be knitted and put on cable needle, k the next 3 sts and then knit the 3 sts on the cable needle), p1, k12, kfb (36)

Kfb, k13, p1,k6, p1, k13, kfb (38)

Kfb, K14, p1, k6, p1, k14, kfb (40)

Making leg holes

Kfb, k3, bind off 7, k to end of needle, p1, k6, p1 (center needle) k6, bind off 7, k2, kfb
Just to make sure I’ve explained this right, you will have 4 sts, 7 bound off and 6 more sts on 1st needle, 8 sts on 2nd needle, and 6 sts, 7 bound off, and 4 sts on last needle for a total of 28

Kfb, k 3, cast on 7 (I do this by making a backwards loop on my needle for each cast on st.), k6, p1, k6, p1, k6, c/o 7, k3, kfb (44)

Kfb, k 17, p1, k6, p1, k17, kfb (46)

K19, p1, make cable, p1, k19

K19, p1, k6, p1, k19

K19, p1, k6, p1, k19

K19, p1, k6, p1, k19

K19, p1, k6, p1, k19

K19, p1, k6, p1, k19

K19, p1, make cable, p1, k19

K19, p1, k6, p1, k19

K19, p1, k6, p1, k19

SSK, k17, p1, k6, p1, k17, sl1, k1, psso (44)

K18, p1, k6, p1, k18

K18, p1, k6, p1, k18

K18, p1, make cable, p1, k18

K18, p1, k6, p1, k18

K18, p1, k6, p1, k18

Ssk, k16, p1, k6, p1, k16, sl 1, k1, psso. (42)

K17, p1, k6, p1, k17

K17, p1, k6, p1, k17

K17, p1, make cable, p1, k17

K17, p1, k6, p1, k17

K17, p1, k6, p1, k17

Ssk, k15, p1, k6, p1, k15, slip 1, k1, psso (40)

K2, p2 ribbing for 1 inch, bind off loosely.

Pick up the 14 stitches around the sleeve hole plus an extra by grabbing one of the stitches in between the bound off rows for 16 sts total. Knit for 8 rows and bind off loosely.


Sew in all loose threads. (I hate this part)

She knows how to hold still…occasionally Darby in sweater cable detail

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


41 thoughts on “Darby’s Cabled Sweater Pattern (Chihuahua Sweater)

  1. I just made this pattern last night for our new little chihuahua, 3 mth old “Juniper”. I used self striping yarn and it is REALLY cute! Thanks so much for the pattern. I live in Montana so i know I will be making her a bunch of these!!!

  2. Hi!

    I just started working on this sweater pattern for my friend’s 4 1/2 lbs. Chihuahua. The pup has a 10-in. neck. I don’t think that the CO sts of 24 is going to be big enough or loose enough to get his head through.

    Any suggestions?


  3. Hi September, I can’t seem to e-mail you your answers, so here is the e-mail I sent you, hopefully you’ll pop back on here so you can see the answers.
    Hi September,

    Ok, the sweater is knit in the round on three double pointed needles (like this: http://knitting-and.com/wiki/Knitting_With_Double_Pointed_Needles ) instead of being flat and sewn up afterward. If you have a very small circular needles I’m sure you could use that or 2 circular needles at once Like this: http://www.az.com/~andrade/knit/twocirculars.html or the magic loop method (which I haven’t tried) like this: http://knitting-and.com/wiki/Magic_Loop
    You can see why i might prefer knitting with the double pointed needles, it looks like the easiest out of the three, but everyone has their own prefence and many find the other methods comfortable.
    B/O means to bind off your stitches, you might just say cast off instead: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/casting-off

    Hope it all helps!

  4. Can’t wait to try this pattern my M-I-L just adopted a 6 week old toy poodle in the 2lb range and I think this will be perfect. My other patterns work for my 8lb min pin (petite size) but that’s still too big so today I hit google and hit gold with your site right away!

    Your Chi baby Darby is very very cute!

  5. I really would love a new sweater for my chihuahua this winter! and this looks like the perfect project! could you tell me how many pounds is your chihuahua? mine is about 5lbs so I am not sure if this will fit him maybe I have to change it a bit..

    also what is ssk and psso?

    thank you so much ! great pattern and your chi is soooo cute!!! >.<

  6. I want to knit a dog coat for a two pound eight week old chihauhau ……..any chance for a pattern would be very helpful.

    June Bryant
    Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

  7. Just like you, I hate to sew in ends. I have adapted a pattern to knit in the round rather than in 2 parts. Thanks for this pattern; hope to try it soon, perhaps w/o the cable.

  8. I love this but my Zoe is 5.6 pounds – would you help me with how to make it fit – I guess I could figure it out with the guage but if you can help I would b appreciative.
    Your baby is adorable!

  9. Pingback: 5 lb Single Cable Dog Sweater « autumnblossomknits

  10. What measurements do I need to take of my dog to make this sweater fit? I have a 1 yr old 2 lb chihuahua. What are the measurements of your dog?

    • I measure around the neck to get my starting size and around again just behind the front legs so that I know how big I need to increase to. If I were to do it again I would knit it a little bigger for Darby, who actually weighs LESS now then she did a year ago when I revised this pattern.
      Darby is 7″ around her neck and just over 10″ around her chest. When I wrote this I think she was maybe 5″ around her neck and 8″ around her chest, but that’s just a guess at this point. I knit at 4 stitches to the inch so I just measure around the neck, multiply by 4 and cast on.

  11. have been looking for such a pattern to knit a sweater for a friend who has such a dog. thanks heaps! plan to try it right away. at 85 i hope i can make it work for me.

  12. HI…Thank you for such a cute pattern….I scanned the internet for a pattern for a tea cup Chihuahua, Because after years and years of trying to purchase one i could afford…I am finally able to see one tomorrow…PLEASE pray i can bring this baby home…so cute..i was sooo excited, I right away found this pattern and am knitting it as we speak!!… Thanks so much

    Celine April 2011

  13. Thank you much for this pattern. I started it today and finished it. Gotta love that. I will say that I haven’t done the legs yet, but my little Lucy is snuggled on my lap wearing her sleeveless sweater as I type. 🙂 I probably will do the legs since we walk to work most days regardless of the weather. I’ve got to find her some cute boots to match, hee hee! Again, thank you, it was truly a delight to knit, and I’ve already got plans to do another in a heavier yarn for the colder days. I’m on ravelry (wonderfullyknit), so you can check Lucy out in her pink cabled sweater. 🙂 Lori

  14. I have a question about the straight stitch. You say to switch to straight stitch right before the chest increase. Wouldn’t that mean that the stitches would be opposite from the previous row? For example your instructions say:

    Kfb, k 8, p1,k6, p1, k8, kfb, (28 sts)

    Kfb, k9, p1, k6, p1, k9, kfb (30)

    My question is: wouldn’t it be like

    Kfb, k 8, p1,k6, p1, k8, kfb, (28 sts)

    Kfb, p9, k1, p6, k1, p9, kfb (30)

    I am a beginner, so please explain whether I’m totally wrong, and why.

    • I got it! I was a beginner when I wrote the pattern. What I meant to say was to switch to stockinette stitch (all knit stitches). Maybe I got my words jumbled. I’m really sorry that this response is so late in coming too, that’s totally lame of me.

  15. Alright, I figured it out. This being my first time knitting in the round, I didn’t realize each row wouldn’t have to be switched. Thanks for the pattern, I’m having a lot of fun with it.

  16. I was wondering what the finished measurements of your dog sweaters are. My neighbor has an adorable Chi-weanie. I don’t know if I spelled that right, she is a Chihuahua mix with a 13 inch girth (Chest). I am going to make a sweater for her for Christmas.

  17. Love your patterns, so darn cute, it is hard to find XXS, my little girl weighs in at a heavy 26oz. My question is is there a printer friendly button I can hit and skip all of the gobbly-gook? Love to read the stuff but don’t want a print out. Thank you for the patterns….

  18. Great Pattern ! I made for a lady who’s pup is 1.2 lb and pup and lady adore the coat! She has asked me to make another one for the pup in another shade of pink ! Thanks for a great pattern…easy to read and easy to follow ! Keep up the great work !

  19. After doing the two inches of K2 P2 you say to switch to straight stitch… So I just transfer all of the stitches in the round to one needle? Sorry I am a beginner so I want to make sure I get it right.

    Also, if I am transferring all of the stitches to one needle how will I connect them (to be round) at the end?

    • Straight stitch is another name for stockinette stitch. You will continue to work in the round and knit all the stitches instead of knitting and purling. Do not switch to one needle, keep going around and around.

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