Free Pattern for the A-Line Ruffled Dog Sweater Dress

You knew it was coming…the embarrassingly girly Ruffled Sweater Dress: an A-Line dress with ruffled neck and hem and a bow to give the appearance of an empire waist. This time in 2 sizes, size 10″ for 3-4.5 lb dogs with a 10″-11″ circumference around the waist/ribcage and size 12″-14″ for pups 4.5-7lbs.

Added 11/01/08: I”m sorry crocheters, I cannot write you a crocheted version.


#6 double point needles

#6 16″ circular (not necessary, but it sure would help)

worsted weight yarn (I used baby yarn, which seems to be on the skinny side for worsted) in 2 colors. 1 main color and 1 complementary color.  (I used about half a skein for the 10″ and maybe .70 skein for the 12″)

Ribbon in complementary color, approx 2 feet.

2 large safety pins

Optional: Medium crochet hook (for sleeves, or you can use the knitting needles)

10″ will be listed in directions with the 12″ size in parenthesis.

Ruffled neck

Cast on 80 (120)

Join, being sure not to twist.

knit 2, k2tog around : 60 sts (90 sts)

k1, k2 tog: 40 sts (60 sts)

k2tog around: 20 sts (30)

knit in stockinette until piece is 1″ long (1 1/2″ long) these are really approximate because the ruffles make it hard to measure

Begin Increases

K3, kfb, k12, kfb, k3: 22 sts (k6, kfb, k16, kfb, k6 :32 sts)

K3, kfb, k14, kfb, k3: 24 sts (k6, kfb, k18, kfb, k6: 34sts)

K3, kfb, k16, kfb, k3: 26 sts (k6, kfb, k20, kfb, k6: 36sts)

K3, kfb, k18, kfb, k3: 28 sts (k6, kfb, k22, kfb, k6: 38sts)

K3, kfb, k20, kfb, k3: 30 sts (k6, kfb, k24, kfb, k6: 40sts)

K3, kfb, k22, kfb, k3: 32 sts (k6, kfb, k26, kfb, k6: 42sts)

K3, kfb, k24, kfb, k3: 34 sts (k6, kfb, k28, kfb, k6: 44sts)

K3, kfb, k26, kfb, k3: 36 sts (k6, kfb, k30, kfb, k6: 46sts)

K3, kfb, k28, kfb, k3: 38 sts (k6, kfb, k32, kfb, k6: 48sts)

K3, kfb, k30, kfb, k3: 40 sts (k6, kfb, k34, kfb, k6: 50sts)

K3, kfb, k32, kfb, k3: 42 sts (k6, kfb, k36, kfb, k6: 52sts)

K3, kfb, k34, kfb, k3: 44 sts (k6, kfb, k38, kfb, k6: 54sts)

K3, kfb, k36, kfb, k3: 34 sts (k6, kfb, k40, kfb, k6: 56sts)

Leg Holes

These are always tricky for me to explain, so if it sounds a little weird, thats my fault. Please note I use a reverse loop cast on to return the stitches I bound off and then I knit through the back of each loop for a slightly less sloppy finish.

K4, b/o 8, k20, b/o 8, k4 (k6, b/o 8, k28, b/o 8, k6)

K4, c/o 8, k20, c/o 8, k4 (k6, c/o 8, k28, c/o 8, k6)


To make an A-Line dress we are going to use some gradual increases along the sides of the dress, where the “seams” would be. You can use the method of increasing you like, I use kfb (knit front and back of the stitch) because it doesn’t leave the hole you would get with a yarn over increase

Knit 5 rows then:

k10, kfb, K22, kfb, k10 (K13, kfb, k28, kfb, k13)

Knit 5 more rows then:

K11, kfb, k22, kfb, k11 (k14, kfb, k28, kfb, k14)

Knit 5 more rows then:

K 11, kfb, k24, kfb, k11 (k14, kfb, k30, kfb, k14)

Knit 5 more rows then:

K12, kfb, k24, kfb, k12 (k15, kfb, k30, kfb, k15)

Knit 5 more rows then:

K12, Kfb, k26, kfb, k12 (k15, kfb, k32, kfb, k15)

Knit 5 more rows then:begin ruffled hem (k16, kfb, k32, kfb, k16)

(Knit 5 more rows <size 12″ only>)

Ruffled Hem

kfb of each stitch (kfb of each stitch)

k1, kfb around (k1, kfb around)

k2, kfb around (k2, kfb around)

Bind off.

2nd ruffle (petticoat) and Neck Ruffle

With contrasting color: On inside of dress pick up all stitches from the row before you began the ruffled hem. Knit in stockinette for 1 inch or until the contrasting color is same length as original ruffle. Knit 2nd ruffle in same direction as original ruffled hem.

For neck ruffle: do same thing, but at the top of the dress 😉


With Contrasting Color:

With Crochet hook pick up all sts and crochet around until the sleeves are long enough for your taste (I did 1 row of double crochet and 1 row of single crochet)


Pick up all stitches and knit 5 rounds (or until it is as long as you like)


Put the dress on your pup and using the safety pins mark behind the front legs (on the sides of the dress). Crochet loops to hold ribbon in place. Tie bow, admire how cute she looks.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


54 thoughts on “Free Pattern for the A-Line Ruffled Dog Sweater Dress

  1. this is so cute. now if i could only figure out how 2 do it. i’m not very good at following patterns but i can knit n crochet. i’m gonna try it on the circular needles…….i think, lolol.

  2. Would you know of a website that offers this pattern in crochet since i don’t know how to knit and would like to make a crochet a line dress for my chihuahua . Aprreciate any help thanks alot You did a wonderful job Thanks

  3. Hey there Autumn…just have to say that although I LOVE the dress, Darby looks absolutely miserable in it…lol. I think Sophie will look adorable though. I know that Vickie was very happy to receive her swearters from you. Such a talented friend you are.

  4. Can you please post the knitting guage with your directions? This dress would make the perfect gift for a teacup maltese my friend just got.

  5. The little dress is so adorable but like some others i can crochet but knitting is like trying to walk with 2 left feet LOL would you have a crochet pattern I have three small female chi’s that would look just beautiful in your dress sweater thanx

  6. Hi everyone, I am so happy that my pattern is so admired and enjoyed, but I cannot send it to you in crochet format because I can’t really crochet. If you are looking for crocheted dog sweaters I suggest you join (love them) and search through their crochet pattern database.

  7. i love this!!! it is the cutest i have ever seen!! unfortunatly i dont knit. i only crochet. can u send me a crochet pattern for this? that would be so awesome!!! thanks

  8. I would LOVE this pattern in crochet, if you have it. My chihuahua would look adorable in this and I’m not very good at knitting. Do you have it in crochet?

  9. i LOVE this! my minpin is a perfect 14″ around the ribs so I will definitely make one for her! as to whether it will outlast her habit of chewing things….heh. it is very pretty and will warrant a few laughs, and she won’t mind since she’s used to having little t-shirts on whenever we take her out to the doggie cafe.

  10. I LOVE this.
    I have shi-malt and would love to make this dress for her for Thanksgiving. Is there a crochet pattern, as I am really not good at knitting. If so, can you please send it to me.

  11. My chi would look so adorable in it! Do you have the same pattern in crochet? If so, can you please send it to me? Thank you so much!

  12. I’m having a hard time using the circular needles. Seems like not enough stitches after the initial decrease for a circular without using magic loop? Am I doing something wrong? Did you use a circular needle? Kiss Darby for me. What a sweetie pie! Thank you Autumn

    • When I can’t fit it on circular needles I switch to using a couple double pointed breeches, just like you would on a hat when you started decreasing for the top. Magic loop would work just as well but I am not very good at it and as such, prefer my dpn’s.

  13. this is so cute! with your sweater patterns can you also give directions for dogs up to 7 lbs? i have a min pin/chihuahua mix and have trouble finding patterns to fit. they are always not right in the leg hole due to the bigger chest ( leg holes too far back) and don’t cover their bum far enough, that’s why i am thrilled you had 2 sizes for this pattern! I once bought a sweater and hat on ebay for her that was crocheted and so cute! the hat was circular with a ruffle that reminded me of this dress a little, and it tied under the chin. as winter is very cold here, the hat was perfect as it covered her ears and kept them warm when i took her out. if you could make something like that it would be much appreciated! if you are unable to offer a bigger size pattern like you have in this dress for dog sweaters with leg holes/hats, could you make a few suggestions? everything i find is either for 5lbs or under or for other type breeds that have huge waists! it is also nice to see a nice warm collar in front that i can roll up her neck and keep her warm! otherwise, i am completely thrilled that i found your site and thank you for the patterns. I have no idea how to increase patterns or convert to crochet. knit and crochet is fine with me.

  14. i too would really like to have a copy of this in crochet. it is a beautiful little dress. i have a miniature schitzu and she would look beautiful in it.

    Thank you

    • Dear Debbie, I’m sorry I am not a proficient crocheter and am unable to translate this into crochet. However, you can always show this to someone who good at both knit and crochet and they could translate it for you. It basically starts with a neck 3x too big that decreases in 3 rows to make it ruffle, then it expands by 2 stitches or so on every other row until you meet the girth of the animal, then you skip some spaces to make leg holes and then keep going in your tube, expanding by 2 stitches every inch to inch and a half and then once it’s long enough, increase everything by doubling it on each row to make ruffles again.

    • B/O means bind off. C/O means cast on. You are binding off stitches in one row to create the opening for the leg and in the next row you are adding back the stitches you bound off so that you have a neat little leg hole. I use the same method, but smaller, to add buttonholes. I hope my answer helps!

  15. I love your pattens! I made the Christmas Chihuahua sweater and now I’m working on the A-Line Ruffled Dog sweater ,it’s really cute BUT I’ve hit a stump.The ruffled hem, I don’t seem to get it right,can’t get it to ruffle. HELP me please. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    P.S. Merry Christmas

  16. You make many people happy by showing them how to make knitted sweaters for their dogs. this one is very nice, I think I’ll try it too and let you know if this isan easy or hard job.

  17. Hi autumn, Me too loves the lil ruffled dress, I dont usually knit with the circular needle. Mainly a two needle knitter. Any chance of a pattern using regular needles at all?

    Gosh dont people read the posts….no you dont do this pattern in crochet sheesh….sorry but I thought that was a lil funny that someone didnt read
    to see if someone else may have asked. I think it is much prettier in the
    knitted look. I do crochet however as well but for this knitting is g8.

    Keep up the good work we need someone like you who is inventive and sharing. God Bless Jay

  18. So very cute, I just had to make it. The dress came out beautifully, but the dog (3 lb Lola, my chihuahua) is not thrilled at all!!! Nevertheless, she looks adorable in it!

  19. Oh…. as a follow up….. I also made the double cable sweater for Miss Lola…. she seems much happier with it. Apparently, she simply doesn’t like ruffles. (But I won’t let that stop me from knitting them for her!!!)

  20. Hey there! Lovely dress pattern!! I’m going to make this for my sister’s chihuahua. I’m going to adapt it to using two circular needles so I don’t need to use DPNs. Interesting technique, you should look it up! It’s so much easier.
    Have a nice day, thank you so much for the wonderful pattern!!

  21. Hi Autumn,
    Thank you so much for designing and posting this pattern. It was a perfect going-away present for a neighbor who loves to dress her chihuahua. It was a big hit for both human and dog alike. Since it was a surprise, I couldn’t fit it on her beforehand, so it’s a little short in the body compared to your pictures, but her “mama” likes it that way, so it all worked out. If you are interested, we took pictures, and I would love to share them with you.

  22. Hello is very nice;-) I groped to do so but I do not understand, I’m Italian, postresti make a video tutorial, step by step? I would be grateful! You know, I have a chiuhuahua, and I hope to make the sweater;-) Hello and thank you!

    • Hi Veronica,
      Not sure if you have tried this but try copying the english written text into a free online translator….Of course use Italian as the language you would like it translated into….just a thought 🙂

      • Ciao grazie mille te ne sarei grata;) … scusami se ho risposto adesso …ma non entravo nella mia vecchia email da tanto tempo ….. spero che hai ancora lo schema passo per passo in italiano..

  23. Ciao sono riuscita a fare questo vestitino..a qualcuna interessa per caso avere le indicazioni passo passo in italiano ?

  24. Thank you so much for posting this, its the curest little doggie dress and super easy to follow you directions… will be making my little Lulu on in every colour…..

  25. Scusatemi non trovavo piu il sito ho cambiato email in quella vecchia non riuscivo piu ad entrare ….
    Ho letto che qualcuno mi voleva aiutare con la traduzione in Italiano …vi prego adesso c’e’ ancora qualcuno che puo darmi la traduzione dei punti .?..Grazie

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