Clicking Away

My needles are clicking and I’m speeding my way through another ruffled dress, this time in pink with white contrast and a white bow all in a larger size, so when i do put the pattern up here for y’all (that’s you all) it will have sizes from 2 lbs up to 5-6lbs. That way even more pups can be throughly embarrassed in their ruffly pink and purple confections. Whoo!  Here is a view of the neck, because I take crappy pictures with my phone.  You can see that I have shoved my yarn into the body of the sweater for safekeeping/tangle prevention.

I had a phone interview today that went really well. I didn’t talk too much or too fast BUT I still didn’t get a call back for a 2nd interview, which doesn’t make me happy. I have no doubt about my abilities as an art teacher, I’m excellent, but it is hard to convey how great I am when I’m in an interview. On the plus side, I can continue to live North of Portland and enjoy how beautiful, albeit windy and freakin cold, it is up here.

Speaking of which…what can make being a substitute teacher slightly more difficult than it already is? Ah yes, I know…have the power at the school go out 20 minutes before classes let out for the day and then try to convince 35 teenagers who are taller than you that they can’t leave early, go into complete chaos, or start talking on their cell phones. Actually, they did really well. I pulled out my cellphone and set the alarm to go off when the bell was supposed to ring, that way there was no way they could claim class was over early. And they were remarkably well behaved, but decidedly unhappy when I told them this would probably mean that they wouldn’t have any power (that means no internet or tv) at home either. that really freaked them out. Power came back on just a few minutes after school let out.

Gave Pilot his hat, because I totally thought I would be getting that teaching gig and moving.  He seemed to like it, was impressed with the time and effort I put into it.  Now that I know his favorite colors are black, gray, and blue I would like to make him one in a smaller gauge in the appropriate colors, but must finish other things first!  I would like to make his a sweater, because he was talking about how the hand-made wool sweaters in Norway are hundreds of dollars, but we all know where that would lead..sweater curse.  And I would just as soon continue seeing him, instead of knitting him a sweater and scaring him off.


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