It’s Autumn!

Above: It’s got my name all over it

The Pilot Hat is coming along quite nicely. using a traditional Norwegian charted pattern found here (or you can got to the website and check out all her resources) and lion brand woolease in a heathered light blue and white.

And now for a moment of Darby…

Darby at the park


Help! IK Holiday Gifts Pattern Confusion!! Qiviuk Scarf

I’m trying to knit the skinny qiviuk scarf for a Christmas present and am damn well stumped. On line 4 of the large spider it has written instructions so vague and confusing I’m at a loss. Doing the math, I need to end with 24 sts on line 4 to follow line 5 correctly. If I do the garter border, per written instructions, I come up 4 short. If I follow the written instructions to the best of my ability I come up 2 short still. I am considering rewriting this line as a whole for my own scarf, because as you all know, Christmas doesn’t wait for knitters.

In other news…

finished ex scarf and vernas washrags

are finished! 2 down, people! Of course, I keep adding new things I want to do and still need to design hats for Bob and Pilot. For Pilot I definitely want to go with a traditional Norwegian design and for Bob I was thinking pine trees against a background fading upward from deep orange to blue to black, like the forest against the sunset (or, as it stands right now, a backdrop of forest fires, well he was a fire captain!)

Park Day!

Of course, almost every day is a park day for now.  When the rain starts that will be a different story I’m sure.  Here is Darby with her new friend for a day, Olive, at the park.

darby and olive

Thats them in the bottom left corner.  Darby wanted so badly to chase and be chased that she kept following Olive around, running in little circles.

Here they are holding still for a second…

And here she is blending into the leaves….

In more knitting related news, after taking Darby home from the park I went into Portland to go to “Twisted“, a yarn shop with a tea bar and Friday night movies.  This week was a cheesy claymation horror straight from the 60’s.  I brought along Qiviuk lace scarf  from IK Gifts Magazine to start in kidsilk haze, (which is a yarn I loathe to use being that it will deliberately tangle itself) for Deana, which doesn’t lend itself to watching movies, but sure will be pretty.

Pictures for Bob

My former future father-in-law (whom I adore) wanted to see pictures of this great state I currently live in, so here ya go!

view from the top of the hill the road home

The first picture was taken about a month after I got here. I would drive around up in the hills above Battleground (the town i was in) and look at all the cool farms and animals.

The second picture is of the road up to the house I was staying in. The white fence belongs to a neighbor across the street who bred horses.

geese at a park (with baby geeses! awww)

Those are geese at a state park (with camping and two lakes , if your ever interested) The smaller ones are BABY GEESE!!

Darby looking for squirrels

The last picture is the most recent, this was earlier this week when i took Darby to the park and she finally understood “Get that squirrel”, so she’s looking for squirrels to chase.