Park Day!

Of course, almost every day is a park day for now.  When the rain starts that will be a different story I’m sure.  Here is Darby with her new friend for a day, Olive, at the park.

darby and olive

Thats them in the bottom left corner.  Darby wanted so badly to chase and be chased that she kept following Olive around, running in little circles.

Here they are holding still for a second…

And here she is blending into the leaves….

In more knitting related news, after taking Darby home from the park I went into Portland to go to “Twisted“, a yarn shop with a tea bar and Friday night movies.  This week was a cheesy claymation horror straight from the 60’s.  I brought along Qiviuk lace scarf  from IK Gifts Magazine to start in kidsilk haze, (which is a yarn I loathe to use being that it will deliberately tangle itself) for Deana, which doesn’t lend itself to watching movies, but sure will be pretty.


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