Pictures for Bob

My former future father-in-law (whom I adore) wanted to see pictures of this great state I currently live in, so here ya go!

view from the top of the hill the road home

The first picture was taken about a month after I got here. I would drive around up in the hills above Battleground (the town i was in) and look at all the cool farms and animals.

The second picture is of the road up to the house I was staying in. The white fence belongs to a neighbor across the street who bred horses.

geese at a park (with baby geeses! awww)

Those are geese at a state park (with camping and two lakes , if your ever interested) The smaller ones are BABY GEESE!!

Darby looking for squirrels

The last picture is the most recent, this was earlier this week when i took Darby to the park and she finally understood “Get that squirrel”, so she’s looking for squirrels to chase.


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