Help! IK Holiday Gifts Pattern Confusion!! Qiviuk Scarf

I’m trying to knit the skinny qiviuk scarf for a Christmas present and am damn well stumped. On line 4 of the large spider it has written instructions so vague and confusing I’m at a loss. Doing the math, I need to end with 24 sts on line 4 to follow line 5 correctly. If I do the garter border, per written instructions, I come up 4 short. If I follow the written instructions to the best of my ability I come up 2 short still. I am considering rewriting this line as a whole for my own scarf, because as you all know, Christmas doesn’t wait for knitters.

In other news…

finished ex scarf and vernas washrags

are finished! 2 down, people! Of course, I keep adding new things I want to do and still need to design hats for Bob and Pilot. For Pilot I definitely want to go with a traditional Norwegian design and for Bob I was thinking pine trees against a background fading upward from deep orange to blue to black, like the forest against the sunset (or, as it stands right now, a backdrop of forest fires, well he was a fire captain!)


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