FInally, someone has listened to me when I say I have an ulcer and have tested me for it. preliminary blood test show I do indeed have an excess amount of the bacteria that causes ulcers and this burning, gnawing pain in my stomach isn’t just from eating too much, too little, too spicy, or too much acid. Now I am on acid reducers and my ulcer is still flaring, so I have a doctor appointment Saturday because I didn’t want to wait 2 weeks to see my regular doctor when it hurts so bad I’m curling into a ball at work.

So here’s hoping they stick a camera down my stomach, so a biopsy, whatever, admit I have an ulcer and get rid of it.

On the plus side, it does explain the nausea I was mentioning a few blog posts ago. That comes and goes for no reason and now I know why. Hurrah antibiotics!

I really don’t have a lot of knitting news, since it’s the first week of school. I wake up early, go to school, stay after (I want to keep my classroom nice and organized now that I have one) go home, walk the pup, and take a nap. Knitting is once again a weekend activity.

Oh yes, since my next post will be my 100th post, I’ll be having a contest and of course, pictures of Darby.



february lady sweater, originally uploaded by autumn_odd1.

I’ve finally finished my February Lady Sweater. I pulled out the sleeves, got rid of all 9 of the live stitches from the body (under the armpit) by decreasing 2 each row until they were gone. I also undid all the lace patterning that was done before the arms were set aside and turned those into a regular garter stitch too. I’m happier with it now, but am still thinking about doing short rows to make the sleeves more capped.
So if you ever want to know what I did over my summer vacation, you’re looking at it right now.

A mosaic meme

I generally don’t like to do “me-me’s” or surveys, but this one is so pretty.  How could I resist?  On the wordpress front, I haven’t been able to post pics from my flickr account because I don’t know what to put for author (I mean, it’s me, but whatever I put in there, it gives me a big red x) so this post is done old school, being created in flickr sent over to wordpress and then modified.  Sadly, that means that I am limited to one picture per post.  Ugh.

mosaic meme, originally uploaded by autumn_odd1.

So here are the questions I’m asking myself…

1. Whats your real name? Autumn
2. Where did you grow up? Hesperia
3. Pets? a chihuahua named Darby
4. What is your favorite color? Blue
5. Where do you find peace? Central Coast of California
6. Hobbies? knitting
7. Dream vacation? Hawaii
8. Favorite dessert? Brownie ala mode
9. What you wanted to be when you grow up? Teacher
10. What you want to be when you grow up this time? a pin-up
11. One Word to describe you? short
12. Your ravelry name? autumnblossom

In knitting news, I have started the arms on the February Lady sweater.  I am so happy with how it is turning out.  I think I may have been able to make the whole sweter with only 3 balls of yarn, being that I’m so darn short.  While I’m not a small around the middle I did do the small size so that it would fit in the shoulders and chest instead of being too wide or too long and that has worked really well for me.  Maybe I didn’t need to buy that extra yarn after all…..