Costume Party Success!

I finished the Leia Hat and it was very well recieved at the costume party.  Bill’s makeup also turned out great.


I started work this week and the kids come back tomorrow.  it is nice to get back into school again and back in the swing of things but this was an awesome summer.


New projects!

Friday is a sci-fi costume party.  Originally I had no idea what to make and looking online only garnered sexy costumes for model, so I had a lot of searching to do.  I had seen this pattern for a Princess Leia Wig on Ravelry and decided to go for it.  So here is my version, made without buying her pattern (sorry).

Leia wig

In addition to that, I’ve been working on writing my own dog hat patterns with little success.  You can see just how it is coming along.  I’ve wriitten the pattern 2x thus far and need to really rethink it.  I was asked to design one without ear holes so that the ears stay nice and warm in the hat for harsh winters.

dog hat fail

Where in the World is Autumnblossoms?

Where haven’t I been this summer?   To say it’s been busy might be a little bit of an understatement.  Lists are good, so as Crazy Aunt Purl would do, here we go with the listmaking…

1. Yosemite to hike Half Dome

2. Mount Diablo

3. Lake Tahoe (mostly South Shore)

4 Northern California Pirate festival

5, Jelly Belly factory

6. San Francisco (but just for the airport this tims)

7. LA

8. Santa Monica Pier

9. Disneyland

10. Lake Tahoe again (Mostly North Shore).

It’s been a wee bit busy, so I don’t have much in the way of knitting content to share and I am behind on my reading again.  But no worries, there is still much to do before school starts this month.  In the meantime, Darby says hello.



Fanny Bridge

Fanny Bridge, where I say goodbye.