New projects!

Friday is a sci-fi costume party.  Originally I had no idea what to make and looking online only garnered sexy costumes for model, so I had a lot of searching to do.  I had seen this pattern for a Princess Leia Wig on Ravelry and decided to go for it.  So here is my version, made without buying her pattern (sorry).

Leia wig

In addition to that, I’ve been working on writing my own dog hat patterns with little success.  You can see just how it is coming along.  I’ve wriitten the pattern 2x thus far and need to really rethink it.  I was asked to design one without ear holes so that the ears stay nice and warm in the hat for harsh winters.

dog hat fail


Dog Hat patterns

I had links to free knit dog hat patterns after blogging about those adorable knit hats by a Canadian knitwear designer.  She wrote to me and said that she was happy to see that I love her patterns but she doesn’t have any free patterns since this is how she supports herself.  So in respect for that I told her I wouldn’t put up any patterns similar to hers.  You can find different dog hat patterns on Ravelry, but I have deleted them from here out of respect to the designer who actually wrote to me.

Knit Puppy Hat

This is not my design, and I wouldn’t want to pilfer someone’s pattern and use it as my own but this is seriously awesome.

Puppy Toque

Puppy Toque

This is by Debbie Storey at Holy heck, how adorable are these? I mean, if I had one I would break this down in a hot minute and make 20 forDarby. I might give it a shot anyway.  Someone on my blog requested a hat pattern for a dog, this must have been what she meant.

So, maybe Darby needs a hat for winter?  Raise your hand if you think she would put up with it?….I didn’t think so either.