5 lb dog sweater pattern

Per a request, a sweater to accomodate a 5lb dog (and what I imagine the mass of a 5lb dog looks like)

size 8 needles, worsted weight yarn

gauge: 4 stitches to the inch

Cast on 40, knit in stockinette for 4 inches (for a turtleneck) or 2″ for a crewneck.

Begin increasing to accomodate the chest by knitting the front and back of the 3rd stitch and the 3rd to last stitch 10 times

Legs: knit 7 stitches, cast off 8 stitches, knit 30 stitches, cast off 8 stitches, knit 7 stitches

Knit 7, cast on 8, knit 30, cast on 8, knit 7 stitches

Continue in stockinette until the body is of a length you want (I’m guessing about 6 or 7 inches from the arm-holes) Knit 1 ” of ribbing

Pick up the sleeves and crochet or knit in 1×1 ribbing

Hooray! There you go, Merry Christmas and all that.

If you have a 5lb chihuahua or other dog and knit this pattern, please let me know (nicely) what needs improvement.  If you happen to take a pic of your dog in the sweater, even better, share a picture with me!  I will be super happy!

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29 thoughts on “5 lb dog sweater pattern

  1. Cute sweater. I may make it for Fergie. She loves her dress. My girlfriend said she’d send me pictures, but her husband isn’t feeling well so I don’t want to bother her.

  2. Any chance you have a 1 lb dog sweater? I can’t find *any* clothes small enough for my pup. She’s 8″ around the ribcage. She’s 12 weeks and will grow, but I need a sweater that she can wear outside in the meantime. Thanks!

  3. I there, I love your patterns. I was wondering if you would have a pattern for a larger size chi 8 pound. I t would be appreceited if you could help. Thanks

    • If you have had the opportunity to look through any of my other patterns it might make a little more sense. My pattern writing has become less step-by-step and much more general.
      So I make my leg holes like you would a button hole, you cast off where you want the hole to go and then you cast back on on the next row. The casting back on is always a little more tricky. When you cast off what it’ll look like is a tube all the way around with 2 gaps on either side of the bottom where the legs would go. The next time around you go back through and cast back on those stitches so you’ve made the tube that is the dog sweater whole again. When you pick up those stitches and knit the ribbing for the sleeves it will look a bit cleaner.

      It’s very similiar to the video on this website called “one row button hole”.


      If you watch that it may help clear things up for you, because my explanation above seems awful long and not too clear.

      I sure hope this helps.
      Autumn blossom

    • I should have read your note a little more carefully. I like to use a backwards loop to cast back on the stitches, it is loose and a little sloppy, but it makes it easier to pick up those stitches later to do the sleeves. If you prefer another method to cast back on, go for it.

  4. Do you have any crochet chihuahua patterns. I’m trying to make one for a friends dog but I’m having trouble finding the right one.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t crochet very well at all and am not able to write crocheted patterns. If I find any for your dog I’ll be sure to post them but in the meantime may I suggest you look on Ravelry?

    • No, sorry. I am a terrible crocheter. If you go on ravelry.com (you will need to register if you haven’t been on before, it is free and the best website ever, like a fiber arts library and facebook for knitters/crocheters and all the best knit and crochet has to offer, all in one spot) you can find tons of free patterns.

    • No, sorry. I am a terrible crocheter. If you go on ravelry.com (you will need to register if you haven’t been on before, it is free and the best website ever, like a fiber arts library and facebook for knitters/crocheters and all the best knit and crochet has to offer, all in one spot) you can find tons of free patterns.

  5. I found this Autumn for 2 needle knitting and I am thinking I can use this for the ruffled dress by knitting the body and crocheting the dress piece. Will give it a go anyway. Cheers and TY again Jay

  6. I made the one pound dog sweater. It is adorable! I am getting a puppy next month, it’s a jack russell/min pin mix. I know it won’t be cold then but with air conditioning who knows! I am already starting a wardrobe for her! I used to make baby clothes all the time but now my youngest is 5. I have two larger dogs who play with my kids, this little one will be my new baby to make things for. Already thinking up patterns for stuff for her. This little sweater was a great start! I will be making many of them. Oh and I needed something to put it on for soze comparison—-it fit right over a Smirnoff bottle! It looks like a cozee! LOL! So there it’s double duty! Thank you for such great patterns! I jsut wing it when I make them, I never bother to write them down so they can be duplicated.

  7. thank you for the five pound dog sweater pattern, I used the 1 pound and it was great, but now Turtle is 4 whole pounds, and its winter is already knocking at my door in the Rockies! Thanks again 🙂

  8. Hi, I am knitting your pattern for a 5 lb puppy and since I have never knit a puppy sweater before I am confused. I have reached approx seven inches and I am wondering what will hold this swweater on the poppy. I don’t think the front paws of the puppy will be adequate to anchor the sweater to the body. Am I missing something? Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    • It will work, just like how a shirt stays on a baby when it’s crawling around. Of course, if the dog hates it enough and works at it enough it will find a way to take off the sweater. If the dog is cold or likes to be cozy the sweater will stay on.

  9. Hi – I knitted your 5 lb sweater and it came out sooooo cute and was pretty easy to do! Thank you very much for sharing the pattern! It seems to have a lot of give (it did fit the 5 lb dog well) so I was wondering if I went to a size 10 needle do you think it would fit a 14 lb dog? I would love to send you pictures but don’t see how to do it?

  10. How can I adjust this for a 7lb dog. My girlfriend’s little Peanut is 7lbs and I can’t find a pattern anywhere! Poor thing freezes in the winter.

  11. I began knitting and got to the “leg hole” part when it suddenly occurs to me that this pattern should have been knitted in the round as I don’t see instructions for making a seam anywhere. Am I correct in that assumption??

  12. I just knit this sweater for my friend’s 10 lb.chihuahua and it came out beautifully. I cast on 48 stitches on size 8 needles and did the chest increases as written. Thank you so much for the pattern. I’d like to send some pictures.How do I do that?

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