In other news…

As I understand there were guns at my school today, stolen from a house yesterday. Being a sub makes it all the worse but everything was taken care of without any problems. I’m so glad it wasn’t in my classroom.

PS: pay me more.


2 thoughts on “In other news…

  1. Hey Autumn, We went to Alexa’s Grandparents day at her school in Chino Hills today. It was great, but the school did look like a prison, stone, bars and gates. Not that I have ever seen a real prison, but movies, etc, you know, reflect same. Do you think there is any thing to this? Yes, pretty scary. If I had kids (school age, of course), or grandchildren that I had any influence on, they would be home schooled! Love you and praying for your interview(s), Happy Thanksgiving, Vernie

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