WEBS Contest

Knit Purl Gurl is having a WEBS Contest at her blog. You need to check out WEBS yarn shop, which I hadn’t heard of before, which is America’s Yarn Shoppe. Given some of my poor experiences with local yarn shoppes (excluding Knitwits and The Yarn Shoppe, which I still love) perhaps I should start buying online too…

They have Dream In Color yarn, which I absolutely LOVE.


3 thoughts on “WEBS Contest

  1. I’m fortunate enough that WEBS actually IS my LYS. I don’t mail order, obviously, but I shop there often, and they are totally knowledgeable and helpful and they have a fantastic selection of yarn. By all means, keep it on your list of sources!

  2. I buy from WEBS (yarn.com) online all the time, as well as Jimmy Bean’s Wool in Reno, and elann.com, and Knitpicks.com. And pick up a few things here and there from my LYS as well, which is less than a block from my work place.

    Woodland Woolworks has had some things I need occasionally as well. But WEBS is fab. If you are making a sweater for example, if you buy $60 worth of yarn or more your whole yarn order is 20 percent off. Makes it more affordable. Cheers, Francesca

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