Baby Booties!

My sister mentioned that she has several clients who are expecting and wanted to knit them gifts.  I was quick to offer my services, as I have a lot more free time than my always-working sister.  I started with a pair of Saartjes Booties (ravelry link), a pattern which I have admired.  I used some left over silk-wool blend you might recognize from the cabled hot-water bottle cozy made in December.

saartjes-booties-1I think these are absolutely adorable although I don’t know if the new moms or moms-to-be will like dark purple as much as they would like pink or white.  I will be making a pair in both pink and white before I send them off to my sister.

Saartje's booty

Saartje's booty

The other pattern I used, these ones a quick knit for a co-worker’s baby born Thursday, were Lavish Booties by Lion Brand.  I really was not a fan of the finished result, nor the pattern, but in the end they are not too bad.  I took adorable pictures, which I think helps.

Lavish Booties

Lavish Booties

Lavish Booties 2

Lavish Booties 2

There were plenty of other things I did this weekend, but there is only so much blog one should put up at a time.

For those of you who don’t have Ravelry yet and need links to the free patterns above, here are links easily accessible to you.  Saartjes Booties (free pattern is a PDF on the right side)  &   Lavish Booties (you will need to be registered to Lion Brand Yarn to open it).


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