World Wide Knit in Public Day

I spent WWKIP day in Lake Tahoe and found it difficult to find anyone knitting in public.  After scouring the interwebs I finally gave up and went to a yarn shop I know about in South Lake Tahoe.  I commenced to not knit there, being frustrated with my silk shawl, and instead worked on the newest baby blanket of doom.

A teeny section of said Baby Blanket of Doom.

A teeny section of said Baby Blanket of Doom.

I talked to a very nice woman who started a crocheted hexagon blanket based on the blanket from Attic24 (link on the side on my blog).  I knew exactly the blanket, which is great because the lady working there didn’t know.  She also didn’t know about WWKIP day.  So the nice lady visiting Tahoe and I talked while her yarn was being wound into cakes.  It was really nice.

There was this awesome mermaid in the window.  Love it!!

Awesome mermaid.  Must make...

Awesome mermaid. Must make...

There was lots of hiking too, but thats another post.  But here is a sneak peek…

Me in a Tree!

Me in a Tree!


Dear Crocheters

I’m sorry y’all, I can’t write you patterns in crochet………..because I am a terrible crocheter myself.  I’ve just learned how to make circles by crocheting and that is as far as my ability goes.  Please don’t ask me to rewrite my patterns in crochet format because I can’t, although it’s nice that you think I’m smart enough to figure it out.  My crochet learning curve is very low.  I anticipate I will be an adequate crocheter by the year 2608.  In the mean time, I have an earlier blog that shows how to convert knitting to crochet and vice-versa, feel free to use those resources.

Why I Should Learn to Crochet…

Because this is so darn cute for Easter…

This adorable pattern and a whole lot more are created by Ana Paula of Ana Paula’s Amigurumi Patterns & Random Cuteness

Can I just say that everything on her blog is incredibly cute. I found her on Ravelry under this week (week 9) newsletter in the amigurimi section.

Here’s another of hers….Squee!!!

Look at those little quackers!!!