Where in the World is Autumnblossom?

While my title suggests that I’ve gone somewhere, I haven’t.  I just haven’t been online much at all.  The silkworms are doing well, I wrote a terrible (and yet unseen) post about macaroni and cheese, scrambled to do progress reports, and have attended a couple more hockey games.

I’m still here, y’all.  I’m not hiding from Swine Flu yet, even if all my kids are sick.  It really is flu season right now.  I had a head cold this weekend but nothing special to report.

Currently doing a makeover on Bill.  I spent more on a haircut for him today than he spends in a year.  The best qoute “I spend $30 in a year for haircuts” to which I said “Yeah, thats why I had to spend $30 to fix your $6 haircut.”  He really looks great with his new haircut.

So here I am.  I haven’t knit since we finished state testing at work, so maybe in 2 weeks.  Our knitting group had a booth at the local Earth Day that looked really great.  I brought my silkworms and gave a couple out to people interested in showing them to their students.

This weekend, assuming I don’t get the regular flu or the swine flu, I will be visiting my mom for early Mother’s Day, going to faire and coming right back.  Should have excellent pictures to satiate everyone’s need to see pictures of Darby, yarn, and silkworms.


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