I have silkworms! One of our OH teachers has been raising silkworms for more than 30 years, providing eggs and worms for our kindergarten classes.  She had oodles of worms this years and I volunteered to take some of the worms for my older students to see.  I intend to actually take the silkworms once they are in their cocoons and spin some of that into a silk thread.

I have been looking for blogs talking about how to weave silk cocoons.  Some of my students were horrified that the worm has to be killed in order to harvest the cocoon.  I understand that it sounds awful and I am glad that the students take a moment to consider what happens to worms and animals.

It was a busy weekend, dinner Friday, costume party Saturday, and Easter dinner Sunday.  I don’t have pictures of any of it to share with you.  There are a couple pictures that friends have floating around and Bill took pictures that I can upload eventually.  For today all I have to share are pictures of silk worms.


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