Guess where I went (and other good news).

Guess where I went with Billy.

They have telephone booths...

and they have castles...

They also have large stones arranged in circles for mysterious reasons.

There is guinness too.

We backpacked for 3 weeks all over the UK and Ireland. In other awesome news I got a job literally the day before we left. I had hoped for some other awesomeness to happen this summer but two awesome things is still pretty great. More pics and blogging later, plus a how-to for making your own travel journal.


4 thoughts on “Guess where I went (and other good news).

  1. I am not sure when you took your backback trip, but that sounds awesome. I love Scotland. Did you make it up there? Or was it strictly England? My dream trip now is Ireland. I am irish via my paternal grandmother and would love to find my roots.

    I am on:
    facebook- Joanette Wader

    • Hi Joanette, I took the liberty of editing your comment to remove your e-mail so that it’s not out there for everyone to see. I did get to Scotland. Loved it, loved it, loved it. We went to Edinburgh, hiked the whole darn city, up to the folly, over to the park by the royal residence, missed the Queen twice (she was at the castle before us and at the park while we were in the castle). It was amazing. Really surprising was how long the sun stayed up and when it rose. Out hostel didn’t have curtains and the sun set around 11 pm and rose at 4 am.

    • It was awesome. I loved the country side even more, maybe. We went to a tiny town that is full of buildings that are all 200-800 years old, they film historical dramas there and it was the best thing ever.

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