The Hat That Ate Halloween

Because it was seriously that huge and ravenously hungry…sort of like “The Blob” but more wooly. I don’t swatch or gauge or any of that but this was my 2nd time making this hat, the other one being too large, so I switched from #8’s to #5’s and did 8 repeats instead of 7. You can see the problem..

it's huge! Garr! Blargh! Must Eat head!

So I will either rip this thing apart or hope that Pilot has a truly massive noggin. Truly Massive.

I figured my roommate probably doesn’t give candy out to trick-or-treaters seeing as how he’s dressed as the Grinch 365 days a year, so I picked some up and turned on the porch light.  I love Halloween and all the dressing up and giving out candy.  He loves spraying trick-or-treaters with cold hose water.  I wanted to make a costume for Darby but have been busy working on Christmas Presents and my sinus infection.  I was going to knit here a bee costume and make wings out of some white felt I have.

In other news, I have a sinus infection.  Thought it was a double ear infection that spread to my sinuses (being that my head is a giant party for unwanted organisms) but nope, just a sinus infection that hurts.  I am one of the many uninsured masses that presidents and those running for president don’t talk about.  I’m young, educated, have fairly consistent work but don’t have insurance.  So I had to take the day off work and find out what people like me do.  First I called a regular clinic/doctor’s office.  It was going to be a $150 deposit plus they would bill me for the rest.  I just needed a prescription for antibiotics and didn’t want to pay an obscene amount of money for a PA to agree with me.  So I called the free clinic in Vancouver, turns out they only deal with trauma and STD’s, neither of which I have.  But she gave me the numbers of some other places.   Twenty dollars, two trips to Walmart and $4 worth of antibiotics later here I am.  Totally worth it, as soon as my head stops hurting.

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