A Finished Sweater for Valentines

I wore my lovely new Fitted Sweater on Valentines Day, thinking it would be a very romantic and very red sweater.  Also, we were going out and I was hoping to get some nice pictures of it in nice places. That and a romantic picnic (which, sadly, didn’t happen as I had hoped).

At the Petrified Forest in Sonoma County


It is a little gappy in the bust, I wish I had done ribbon reinforcement behind both plackets instead of just the button side. It is a beautiful sweater, however, the buttons are really heave and flop about when the sweater is unbuttoned. Switching to lighter buttons would help.

I also made my boyfriend several different valentines cards at a girls night. He got two of them. The third I kept.

A map of the paths our lives took before we met, illustrated on actual maps from AAA.

I was surprised to learn later on that some friends of our actually got engaged on Valentines Day. Wow.


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