Smelling the Ocean Air

My darling Bill took me off to Monterey for the day.  We took the pup so that she could experience the ocean too.  While I will not be taking Darby with next time, it was nice to take her. This was actually back in late December and I haven’t posted about it yet.  Also, next time, I will worry less about what to wear and just put on sneakers so I can walk on the beach instead of worring about being schlubby at the Monterey golf course and its high-class people.

Bill scrambled up and down the rocks and brought me back treasures.

It was awesome.

There was also some walking around Carmel-by-the-Sea and had a nice little dinner in a very cool restaurant outdoors that allowed dogs, so Darby got to eat with us.  I loved checking out all the antique jewelry shops and art galleries.

There is some knitting happening, just not in this post.  One of my co-workers had a baby in August and I have yet to give her a little but of knit goodness for her bundle of joy.  Another co-worker is pregnant but she has months to go for me to put off her knitting.  It’s exciting and aggravating that she has elected to not know the gender until it is born, so I’m limited to a neutral color palate.


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