Big Day

Tuesday is Darby’s birthday.  She is 3 years old.  Darby even looks like a little grown-up puppy.  I’ve not knit her another sweater yet but I was thinking maybe I would use some of the grey yarn I have to knit her one that looks like an armadillo.  Little ridges, some short rows, maybe even flat so people who don’t knit in the round can do it.  OR I will make her a Charlie Brown sweater, the yellow with black chevron pattern on it.

Here she is enjoying her personal rug in front of the fireplace.

The birthday dog!

I have finished up the baby sweater I was working on in the last post.  It’s pretty awesome, but the applique needs to be sewn on.  It’s supposed to be an iron on patch and I did that but it seems a little loose.

It's my rockabilly punk baby sweater

Currently I am still working on socks, a hat or two for charity and enjoying my week off.  have a happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah! Tomorrow is also my 1 year anniversary with this guy!


We’ve been dating for a whole year.  I haven’t been in a relationship this long in a while.  I like him, he makes me laugh, makes me feel good, makes me feel pretty, and is a sweetheart.  If I could I would get every girl a guy like him for Christmas.


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