Alive and Well

Hello all, I am alive and well.  Plenty of things have happened since my last post, including some knitting.

The best and most important thing was seeing my brother, together we traveled to see the rest of the family, parents, grandparents, the sister, all that.  Then we hopped on a plane and went somewhere that looks like this…

IMG_2048 2

and it had some of these…


and then we went here…

IMG_2094 2

to check out this…


It was hot.  I could even say it was “muy caliente” but I know it gets way hotter than the 90-95 degrees and 90-95% humidity it was when we were there.

There was knitting on the airplane, knitting during the drive to and from said airplane, and absolute ignoring of the 1500 meters of laceweight silk and #2 needles in favor of worsted weight  wool and #7 needles.

Next post will answer some questions about my patterns as well as modifications as necessary to make it fit a different sized beastie.  Speaking of beasties, Darby was super happy to have me back home and I was super happy to see her again too.  I did miss my puppy an awful lot.


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