Renaissance Faire!

I drove down with my Aunt and Grandmother to see my mom this weekend.  Sunday my mom and I went to the Renaissance as an early Mother’s Day present (I didn’t want to fly, what with swine flu fears swirling about…and I don’t like to be one of those people that freak out over threats that aren’t probable but this one seemed possible, though not probable).

I bring you pictures…

Moonie the Magnificent.

Moonie the Magnificent.

Every year my mom and I see Moonie.  He also performs outside of faire as a comedian, professional actor, and ne’er do well.  If you ever have the chance, and I know I’ve said this before, do it.  Moonie does an act with Broon at the end of the day and they also perform together outside of faire.  Go see them too.

Storm troopers at faire.

Storm troopers at faire.

There were storm troopers at faire.  Geeks of the world unite!

Poxy Boggards sing-along

Poxy Boggards sing-along

Poxy Boggards are a drinking group with a singing problem.  I know this looks bad, but they are a hilarious group and this is the refrain to one of their newer songs about drinking oneself to death in solace…but it’s really really funny.  Really really disguistingly, perversely, side-achingly funny.

Hot Pirate Singing Group

Hot Pirate Singing Group

There is a new pirate singing group, sort of a punk-rock polka thing called the Dread Crew of Oddwood.  Super-cute kids who make me feel slightly old.  Were there a pirate festival in Berkley these boys would headline.  Listening to their stuff on myspace it feels a little heavier.  On stage the singing is much harder to hear, so mostly you watch the pirates headbang and rock out to their music while still being adorable and not very fearsome.  Delicious eye candy.  if they actually get themselves mic’d or a stage with better acoustics they could really draw a crowd.

Super cute hat

Super cute hat

The Bag Wench crochets and knits awesome stuff. This is just a regular tam with felt flowers on it.


Bag Wench

See her hat? She made it.  Hemp yarn with a wire frams to make the ends curl up.  See the shawl, she crocheted that too.  See everything else in the picture that looks even remotely handmade? Yeah, she makes all that and a shop FULL of HATS.

That’s faire for ya.  up next I’ll bemoan how difficult it is to take apart a sweater to make yarn and show off my silkworm cocoons.


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