Baby Mohawk Hat

We go to hockey a lot.  Bill’s friends have season tickets for maybe 8 or 10 people and always have extra tickets for us to use.   Bill’s friend Dax has a wee tiny baby named Maili (sounds like Mylee) who they bring to hockey with blankets ad ear protection so it isn’t too loud for her.  Anyway, I wanted to knit something for Maili after noticing how many of the ladies at the hockey games wear hand made uggo fun fur scarves.  Always up for a challenge, I spotted a kid wearing a hat from the fan shop with a yellow mohawk down the center.  I immediately wanted to make one and needed a willing victim *cough* er, someone to present the lovely finished product to.


Obviously Maili needed an earflap hat with mohawk, posthaste.


I used the earflap hat pattern found here, by Julie, altered the stitch count a little bit, divided it into equal sections with a strip running up the front and the back that wouldn’t be decreased at all so that I could kitchner them together at the top and then latch-hook in the mohawk top.  For reference I looked at the mohawk hats from “Punk Knitting” and some other similar hat before coming up with my own solutions.

She thinks her hat is hardcore baby punk awesome.

She thinks her hat is hardcore baby punk awesome.

I think this is the proudest I have been of an object in a while because this was something new for me.  It took a pretty good amount of effort, some planning, some color matching and 6 hours of cutting and putting in the yellow mohawk part, one stitch at a time.  All in all maybe 10 hours or more of work, but the decreases worked out the first time I did them and I didn’t have to pull it all out and start again..and again.  Next time I will use wool and felt it, which is what was done in some of the book patterns (which I found out only after readng about people’s projects on ravelry).


5 thoughts on “Baby Mohawk Hat

  1. Hey Autumn, you are so talented! Hope there are no “pink slips” in your future. Been thinking and praying for you and Bill, hope you are well and doing good. Love all your pictures, they are great. Love, Bob and Vernie

  2. Love the mohawk baby hat. If possible, please send me the pattern. I would like to make it for my grandson. Thank you, Chris

  3. Could you please e-mail me a copy of this hat-I have a new grandson about to make his appearance iinto this world this month and my son saw a hat like this and wanted me to make one for the baby. I would more than appreciate it and any tips you would like to share Thank

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