Finished Project and a Sneak Peek

My mom commissioned me to make 2 dog sweaters for a friends dog.  I finally got started and whipped them out quickly so that she could give them before it is too warm to wear a sweater.  I used the stripes creating program at Biscuits and Jam.

Dog Sweaters

Dog Sweaters

The dogs were 5 and 6 lbs and were named Shady and Dusty, although I don’t know if either dog were shady or dusty in actuality.

I used Vanna yarn by Lion Brand, not that I particularly like that yarn or anything, but the colors were better than my other choices.  If you ask me though, the colors seem kinda 1970’s.  I used silver blue, white, pink, and dusty purple

I used #8 dpns

Cast On 48 with silver blue yarn, divide evenly over 3 needles (16, 16, 16) and knit 2 rows in 2×2 rib

2 rows in stockinette

Increase round: knit 4, kfb, knit around to last 5, kfb, k 4

I do sleeves by knitting 9 stitches, casting off 8 stitches and knitting to the last 18, casting off 8 and knitting 9.  On the next row I cast back on the stitches i got rid of.

Repeat in the following order until 64 sts are achieved (should take 9 rows)

Continue knitting in stockinette following your stripe pattern from Biscuits and Jam’s website until the Sweater is long enough to your liking (Mine was about 9″ from beginning) and then do a couple rows in2x2 rib.

For the other sweater I did the same thing but with less stitches, I think 8 less stitches than the above sweater.

A sneak peek of what I’ve been doing all week.

preview of things to come

preview of things to come

One thought on “Finished Project and a Sneak Peek

  1. What a blessing you are to little dogs everywhere! What a great sweater & what a neat program….the stripes generator. Thanks for sharing.

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