A Finished Baby Blanket of Doom

Like every knitter out there, I have unfinished objects (UFO’s) lurking in a dark corner of my closet, languising away for years at a time, untouched, unloved, and shunned.  The reasons for these UFO’s are nearly all the same: ugly acrylic yarn, started during my early knitting years, stupid easy patterns, that ugly, ugly, acrylic yarn.  The majority of my UFO’s are baby blankets, started with the best of intentions, for babies who are now entering preschool. These baby blankets I refer to as “Baby Blankets of Doom” mostly because of the dread of opening up that UFO project bag and pulling out that icky, boring pattern.

UFO’s take up precious room in my 400 Square foot studio living space, at least 2 square feet of that is occupied by ugly yarn and doomed projects. Obviously these are projects that need to be done, space that could be freed up for lovely new yarn and projects.  So I set out a few weeks ago to finish one of these baby blankets of doom.

I pulled out the nearly 2×2 foot blanket is acrylic “Sweet Stripes” by Bernat.  This particular yarn was purchased maybe 3 and a half years ago after learning we would be having a baby shower for one of the math teachers who had left our school the year before.  Pink and purple self striping yarn on #9 needles would satisfy the baby shower needs!  I cast on with the best of intentions, with rows and rows of stockinette with a garter border.  Purling the back become agony and the stripes never quite started and ended where I wanted.  The baby shower came and went and the half finished banket was put in it’s resting place for the next several years.  I took it out once or twice, sure, adding a couple rows here and there when there was time before putting it away again.

This year I was reading a blog about slow stashing and wanted so badly to go in and throw out all my icky old acrylic yarn and be done with it.  Sadly, the cheapy inside of me say “No, you payed good money for that hideous yarn so you better darn well use it.”  So the yarn continues to languish away in a sack up in my closet, still taking up space.  I have good intentions for it all, sure, but I need to pull it out and use it or lose it.

But finally, one project is finished, a baby blanket of doom no more!

non-baby blanket of doom

non-baby blanket of doom

One down, 2 to go! Now lets all get out there and knit up those Projects of Doom!


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