Christmas Knitting Revisited

I did not do a lot of Christmas knitting because I was without knitting inspiration, perhaps.  My friend Deandria called andrequested a manly purple hot water bottle cozy for her husband.  Presented with a challenge (manly purple? manly hot water bottle cozy? really? oh, you want it in bamboo silk too? really?) I set forth.  I even went to a local yarn shop in Lodi instead of driving to Elk Grove to buy yarn, which again demonstrated why I don’t go to local yarn shops and why my friend Kim and I don’t go out together (bad things always happen when we go out together).  I bought some very nice silk and wool blend yarn, 2 hanks, and the shop wouldn’t wind them into cakes for me.  They said it was their policy to not wind yarn when they are having a sale.  So I asked if I could use their ball winder myself, which was met with a resounding “No”.  The thing is, though, that Kim and I were the ONLY PEOPLE in the shop.  There were 2 ladies working,2 of us, 2 hanks of yarn, and a continued refusal to wind them.

Having my yarn and someone to help me untangle it and wind it into a ball I cast on for a hot water bottle cozy (pattern here) for Manly purple Matt.  I added a few more stitches to both sides so I could do a fancier cable and it turned out fabulously.

Hot water bottle cozyDeandria and Matt got the hot water bottle cozy and her hat pins in the mail yesterday and thought the cozy was very nice.  She sent me a magnetized chart keeper, which is awesome because now I can quit misusing my post-its keeping track of and getting lost in my charts.  I’ll admit, this cable has a mistake but I didn’t want to pull out rows and rows of cabling to fix 1 part where the center cable crossed over instead of under.  Argh.

hot water bottle cozy 2 hot water bottle cozy 3

The only other thing I made for Christmas was an alpaca chullo hat for the gentleman I’m seeing now.  He came over on his way to Tahoe with a stinky maching made hat that was a childs large and too small for him.  I’ll publish that in my next post, since I wrote a pattern for it.


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