Finished Helena!

I’ve finished Helena and have washed, blocked, and sewn in all the loose ends.  I have had the hardest time finishing Helena.  I knit it with Samoa by GGH and it was a bulky yarn while the pattern called for skinnier yarn.  So after knitting it too big twice I cast on again in the 6 month size using the schematics provided to make sure the length was appropriate for a 2 year old.


I started nearly 2 months ago and am thrilled to be finished.  Thrilled.  Now it is on to designing a new sweater for Darby because it is cool enough that she wants a sweater in the morning so she can go outside.


We have had so many interesting experiences at my school lately, none of which I can really talk about.  But it has made me sanitize my classroom a couple times, look at my kids far more warily, and also try to make a more meaningful connection with them.  There is a position open that I am applying for not because I don’t love teaching art, which I do, but because I am worried that with the budget being so awful in California schools will begin to cut out “unnecessary expenses” like art teachers.

helena-gift-bagHere are the sweaters, all wrapped up and ready to go to their rightful adorable baby to wear and take better pictures in, so I can show those to you.


3 thoughts on “Finished Helena!

  1. I really like those ties on sweater. I never thought of that. My neighbor’s son moved back home with his mini wiener dog. He is absolutly adorable. I want to steal him, but my poor dog would of jealousy.

  2. I think both sweaters are adorable, the braided sweater 1 and the Helena 3.
    I have looked everywhere I can think of try to locate the patterns. Can you please tell me where I can get them? I’ll gladly pay for them if they are for sale. My niece has a little girl that will be a year old in February and I would love to make her one even if I have to wait until she is older to fit her.

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