Converting Knit to Crochet and the Other Way Around

Every once in a while I get a crocheter asking me if I could rewrite my dog sweater patterns into crochet patterns.  Previously, I recommended going to a knit-to-crochet conversion site.  Now, with the always sage advice of Sandi Wiseheart, I can say Don’t Do That!

Here is part of Sandi’s Knitting Daily Newsletter about converting crochet to knit….

Is there a knitted version of the Spanish Moss Coat? A knitted version of any crochet pattern is a horse of different color! Meaning: It would basically be an entirely new pattern. Sure, you could take the schematic (ahem!) and use those measurements to figure out knitted stitch and row counts of a given yarn at a given gauge. But there is no direct “translation” from one crochet stitch pattern to a knitted stitch pattern, and no easy way to “convert” a crochet pattern to a knitted one (or vice-versa). So, unfortunately, no, there is not a knitted version. (There’s similar styles, like Katie Himmelberg’s Hideout Coat, which you can buy in our pattern store, but even that one is not “the same”!)

Knit your heart out over the weekend, folks.


You can check out more of Sandi’s sage advice here : Knitting Daily with Sandi Wiseheart


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