September Answers

Hi everyone, this post is in response to some questions regarding how to knit my free pattern for Darby’s cabled sweater.  Sadly, the e-mail didn’t work and I couldn’t find her on ravelry, so here I am, making it open to everyone.

Hi September,

Ok, the sweater is knit in the round on three double pointed needles (like this: ) instead of being flat and sewn up afterward.  If you have a very small circular needles I’m sure you could use that or 2 circular needles at once Like this: or the magic loop method (which I haven’t tried) like this:
You can see why i might prefer knitting with the double pointed needles, it looks like the easiest out of the three, but everyone has their own prefence and many find the other methods comfortable.

B/O means to bind off your stitches, you might just say cast off instead:

Hope it all helps!

In other news, I am on vacation!  I don’t know why our district has a fall break but I’m not going to argue with it.  I’ve been able to visit some friends and finish a sweater and hae taken some time to get my car worked on, so I would say it is a fairly successful vacation.  What I am finding odd is that I’m only getting 8 hours of sleep instead of my usual 10-12 hours of vacation time sleep and I am doing quite well with this.  Generally, as a vacation rolls on I go to bed later and later until it’s 2am and I’m making myself go to bed so that I wake up before noon.

Pictures of a super adorable toddler sweater coming very very soon.


One thought on “September Answers

  1. Hey Autumn – thanks again for the wash cloths. Bob is already using his hat. We will be praying for you. We want you to be happy. You should check out a church in your area, Calvary Chapel or something non-denominational or whatever suits you. Friends and fellowship in a church are important, no matter how you were raised, check it out. You never know what God has in store for you. He loves you and wants the best for you. So do we. Take care and God bless, Love Vernie

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