Finished Objects!!

Finally, some pictures for you all to enjoy!

This is a hat I made while we were camping for a friend who was devoid of hat, I am still working on one for her little one, Dane.  She appreciated the hat immensely that evening when temperatures dipped below freezing.

Heather's Hat

Also finally finished is my braided cardigan using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Percentage System.  I searched through all sorts of patterns before finally giving up and using my own.  Originally i had these fantastic cables on both sides of the button placket and a beautiful 5 strand cable going up the back of the sweater, but I didn’t take into account the pull on the fabric and at half done, I realized that the sweater would be way too small and I frogged it.  Curses!  I loved what I had done.  next time, sigh, I’ll make a swatch.

braided cardigan

butterfly buttons

Finally, I got to pet a kitteh or two this weekend, which always makes me happy.  Every knitter should have a kitty….even if it’s just for a day.


2 thoughts on “Finished Objects!!

  1. I totally agree, it helps to keep the tension on your yarn while your working. LOL I don’t think I could do it with out Chu Chu any more

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