Baby Sweater!

I’m appropriating the cables from the Viking Socks (ravelry link) to use for a size 2 sweater for a toddler.  I’m using my own pattern, which currently means I’m really not sure how this is going to work out yet but as long as I don’t run out of yarn I should be ok.

It sure is pretty though…

Size 8 needles

Yarn: Dream in Color: Classy, colorway Wisteria

I cast on 112 stitches, did 1 inch or so of sead stitch and then began the cable patterns, with a seed stitch border at the button band.  Next to the button band I have a slightly smaller cable pattern, also from Viking socks.  The cable you see here is centered on the back panel.

2 thoughts on “Baby Sweater!

  1. ooo that’s gorgeous! I absolutely love intricate, flowing cables… it’s almost like you can feel them moving. This will be a beauftiful sweater! That’s one lucky little one.

  2. The sweater looks great. You really know cables. They are so much fun to knit.
    I know how to crochet, but don’t have much use for it. I have made a few of those little creatures using leftovers, but a whole sweater? Forget it.

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