I recieved my socks from frivolous fluffy yesterday and was ecstatic.  I have never received hand knitting from someone before.  My mom crocheted me an afghan, which I love but I wasn’t knitting yet and didn’t realize the amount of effort that went into it.  Back to the socks…in addition she sent me some awesome yarn and a pattern to get me started in making my own socks!  Wow, I felt totally overjoyed and grateful and happy.



So the pup sweater is nearly done. I’m debating between the belt I knit or making a ribbon belt and then embroidering some flowers onto it, which would be adorable but I’ll have to learn to embroider real quick.

My sister got her birthday present, which means now i can show everyone.  I made her a mandala that (to me) represents the changes in her life and the maze in the center represents her life path. I hope she finds it centering and grounding and that it opens like a flower to her, because thats what I wanted.

Megans Mandala

Megan's Mandala

School is back in full swing and the germs have been swarming around our kids.  I’ve been waking up with the scratchy throat and am more tired every day. I’m hoping that my body will fight it off before the cold kicks in.  Faire is coming up!!! If anyone is planning on coming up I’m only an hour and a half from there and am planning on going with several groups.

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