Dread Pirate Darby

I took Darby to get her nails trimmed and lo and behold! Puppy pirate costume hats for Halloween.  Naturally they were too large for Darby, but that certainly didn’t prevent me from taking a pic of her.

Darby is a Pirate

Darby is a Pirate

Also, the double pane glass window in my classroom was broken when someone tried to break in last year.  So there is only one pane of glass instead of two and the heat that comes through is intense in the morning.  I am putting up a stained glass window of tape and tissue paper.  It’s coming along quite well this time, as this is the second attempt.  if I like it I may turn it into an assignment for the kids to do in other classrooms.

I’m waiting for my sister to get her b-day present so that I can post pictures of it here.  Also, the dog sweater is nearly finished, i just need to do the under ruffle and some embellishments. I’m knitting something for my sister also, but it is so far from finished she’ll be lucky to get it by Christmas.  I can say knitting with thread and needles as thick as toothpicks is incredibly hard.

I want to knit Darby a pirate costume for Halloween.  That would be supremely awesome!


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