I feel Like Sari Silk

You know, the silk yarn thats made from the recycled edgings of sari’s?  I feel like my sari silk yarn.  I keep it hidden away, don’t take it out very often, don’t admire it the way I should, don’t necessarily value it’s beauty, and have no plans for what the heck to do with it.  Thats what I feel like.  It is very, very frustrating.

This is what frustrating looks like right now…

I am the frustrated silk yarn!

I am the frustrated silk yarn!

I know, there are things I can do as a knitter to make my silk feel better.  Put it out where people can admire it, make something I value out of it, pet it and admire how silky it is (being silk and all) but how can I tell my knitter that I need that to.  What if said knitter doesn’t prefer silk, maybe some sport weight acrylic blend?  hmm?  What then?


One thought on “I feel Like Sari Silk

  1. This yarn makes wonderful coasters….I did a simple crochet round with a J hook. They are completely waterproof and washable. It’s also a 20 minutes project.

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