Making Over the Boyfriend’s Yard

My intention is to make over the boyfriends yard and repaint the inside of his house this summer.  While I have gone ahead and chosen some paint for the interior, the exterior of his house is a melange of greys and greens, with a blue-green trim on the house (yikes!), random bushes cut into oddly shaped rectangles, red wood chips (yikes agan) and a lawn thats struggling to stay green through the heat of the day.  What makes it harder still is that the side of his house doesn’t get any sun, due to the GIANT TREES planted without forethought.  A huge cottonwood is on one corner, butting up against the eaves and the fence and on the front corner (street-corner) an impossibly huge evergreen sits, with obnoxious ivy pooling around it.

I was thinking about putting in hydrangeas or maybe dahlias.  I loved going to the farmers market on the weekends in Washington and ooking at all the different dahlias.  They were always so beautiful, with all their concentric petals and rioteous colors.  Sigh.  I miss them.

 or the hydrangeas… 

Please note, neither of these pictures actually belong to me, I stole them from the interwebs :).

Really, the whole purpose of this particular blog post is to help me remember what I want to do with the yard.  I want to do a ground cover, was thinking maybe irish moss, creeping heath or creeping phlox.  Then there was alyssum, always trying to take over my mom’s front yard, growing up between the bricks on the walkway.  I”ve got my work cut out for me.  Still need to remove this years plants, digging out all these really big bushes and cutting out the larger roots, then need to put in some good soil or compost.

But first, will buy paint for the kitchen this week, fulfilling my promise of painting the kitchen in exchange for him driving up to Washington to helo me move my stuff out of storage.  And I can cover up that ugly Ivy decal shit in the kitchen, yay!


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