February Lady Sweater (who wants a kitten?)

Everyone in the San Joaquin valley is sitting inside with the ac on. The reason for this? Over 600 lightening strikes courtesy of spring showers have sparked a ridiculous number of fires in the Sacramento/Valley area. The air is hazy, smoky smelling like a campfire that you’ve been sitting next to all day. The light filters through in a delicate orange, tinting everything with a muted gold tone. Because of the smoke, the sunlight has been filtered greatly and the temperature has gone from 105 degrees down to the low 80’s and high 70’s.

I’ve joined the craze on Ravelry.com and cast on for the February Lady Sweater using the extra yarn from my Wicked, pictures of that are still pending.

February Lady Sweater

I have to say, even though there isn’t a lot of sweater so far, the arm holes are separated and i think it’s looking pretty good. Speaking of looking pretty good…dang, with my head cut off and that particular angle I look pretty damn good. I’ll have to thank the gym and summer break for that (and definitely the camera angle, excellent job, yay me!).

Now, for the kitteh. I found him the day before graduation, while taking the trash out. He was huddled up in a corner by someone’s door crying. I picked him up, so bony, such unhealthy skin, and whoa! his tail is broken. I didn’t know what to do, asked the maintenance man, asked the office, ended up putting him on my balcony in a big dog carrier while I tore down the dance decorations and put up the promotion decorations. i came home and fed him some more, watered him some more, cried over his tail, and called my friend, who agreed to take him to the vet.

Dead tail

We picked him up 2 days later, more than half his tail will need to be removed, it was like a twig. I’m hoping that my friend’s boyfriend will keep him. He’s a sweet kitten and if I had more than a studio apartment I would keep him. Darby wanted to play with him soooo bad. He liked to knead, so the vet’s office named him “Cornelius Bread” I will call him “Cornbread” if I see him again.

Hi Cornbread!

“Hi Cornbread!” He will have less tail than you see in the pic. Everything past that is a dead bony twig thing.


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