My goal list for the summer was short.  I wanted to either go to Hawaii or to Yosemite.  Seeing as how my list was made in December when gas was 2.00 to 2.50 a gallon either of those things were possible.  Now, 6 months later with a huge jump in the price of airfare and the amount of money I spend monthly on gas, Hawaii did not seem like a viable option.  So, off to Yosemite it was!

stanislaus national forest

I made reservations back in March for a campsite in Hodgdon Meadows, on the outside of Yosemite Valley.  The campsite is reservation only but when you arrive they give you a site based off of whats available.  The problem with this (and possibly my own lack of planning) was that the campsite did not come with a topographical map.  So while it’s cool that our campsite is only 1000 feet from the bathroom, its 1000 feet at a 45 degree grade.  While the campsite is 200 feet from the car, its 200 feet down at another 45 degree slope. 

I really did not know what to expect from Yosemite.  I hear people say “Half Dome” and “El Capitain” but giving me words does not make up for being able to actually see these giant granite slabs rearing up from the earth.  Listening to someone talk about Yosemite falls does not compare to standing under it’s mist and being blown around the the wind created by the sheer magnitude of water falling on to huge granite boulders.  The valley is breathtaking. there is very little build up, no increase in beauty until you drive into the valley and it opens up like a flower before you.

Yosemite Valley

I don’t think I was the most pleasant person to go with.  I was on a PMS bender, quietly being moody and impatient and annoyed with all my bugbites and having to drag the cooler out of the bear cage each time I wanted a bottle of water.  The boyfriend took it in stride as far as I can tell.  I got some sketching done on out open air tour (22.50 per person for 2 hours, bet totally worth it) and then wouldn’t bring my sketchbook with me because I was tired of carrying it.  Stupid of me really, because since we were riding our bikes and boyfriend seems remarkable patient it would have been an ideal sketch time. 

Saturday was Worldwide knit in public day and I didn’t knit!  I’m a shame to the knitting lifestyle!  Really, we had gotten back from Yosemite and were driving to the coast to visit some friends and go to the beach and I didn’t pack my knitting. I should have gone to my knitting group Saturday of all days but what I did get to do was a lot of fun and well worth it.

As far as the Wicked goes, I’ve finished one long sleeve, tried it on and have decided it looks awful.  Truly, one fat purple sleeve making my already large arms look like an awful purple sausage.  The debate currently is do I want to rip out the whole sleeve and do a graduated series of decreases to make it smaller at the end while still keeping the cute little cabled rib a the bottom or rip out the whole damn thing and make it a 3/4 sleeve…or maybe a half sleeve…not a short sleeve though, doesn’t make sense to have a nice cuddly sweater and then short little sleeves. 


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