Campfire Hat

I went camping last weekend.

Here is what I did while camping. Duh duh de dah!

It’s pretty cool, I think. I made it out of wool and it’s a good thing I did. The weather was in the 30’s at night and mid 60’s during the day…if you were in the sunlight. Please note, that’s not my head in the picture. That’s Liz, who got to take the hat home, although I didn’t mention that she needed to handwash it, so I’m hoping I don’t hear about it turning it to a bowl the next time I see her.

Today was my last day with kids in the classroom. Tomorrow I will be cleaning out my room and signing paperwork so that I can check out for the summer. I finally got a sort of promissory note from the school district, saying that I’ll be teaching art somewhere in the district and that I will be full time, but no real contract yet. My friend is hoping to get a job closer to the bay and has offered me her position at her school, which is a much rougher school, but she has a REAL classroom with a sink and storage and everything plus an administration that will suspend kids home if you write them up.

Since I don’t have kids tomorrow, I pulled out “Wicked” and continued working on her, now am half-way through a sleeve and am hoping to be done in the next 2 weeks. I look like a giant purple blob in it and am thinking that when I lose weight this summer I may add a band across the empire to make my waist appear smaller. Right now I just look pregnant. Seriously, I lost 10 pounds over 3 months and put it all back on last month. Grr.


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