Wicked in Progress

I’ve finished the body on wicked and it is now going to wait patiently for sleeves.  I put it on and it fits nicely, a little short because I deliberately made it shorter because I wear petite clothes.

In other news, I didn’t tell y’all how Mothers Day went….

Please note, she only called me a bitch once….seriously.  A little passive aggressive, yes.  But was it not nearly as bad as I expected, absolutely not.  Boyfriend had a reasonably good time, although he was a bit upset he missed all his highly important sport games on tv.  I fear becoming a sports widow.  He got along well with everyone, received the approval of the best friend and her family and enjoyed faire.


One thought on “Wicked in Progress

  1. Fear not the sports! Baseball is an especially great game to knit to. I watched “Baseball tonight” while I was knitting because my team was not playing today (Oakland A’s) and neither was the team across the bay.

    My husband and I watch lots of sports while I knit, with chihuahua in one lap or the other!

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