An Empty Fridge

I used to cook a lot. My stepmother was an excellent cook and she tried to pass on everything she knew to me. So the fact that I have absolutely nothing in my fridge except bottled water, mozzarella balls, dog food and condiments is really a testament to how pathetic my little bitty apartment dwelling life is. All right, maybe my apartment life isn’t pathetic, but when I look in that empty fridge it sure is pathetic.

A big part of the reason my fridge is so empty is because boyfriend cooks on the weekends (he really, really cooks well) and on weekdays I eat out and at a friend’s house. But really now, other than ready rice, frozen chicken, and instant oatmeal I really did not have a lot to offer should a random guest show up at my house. Unless they want eggs that are of a questionable state of freshness, that is.

Please note, after two weeks of subsisting on granola bars, bananas, and frozen chicken, I went ahead and bought out the supermarket. My fridge is still devoid of a lot of things, but the freezer is stuffed. Oh yes, and I’m a glutton for strawberries and cherries, so i have lots of those….plus salad, I’m trying to counter-act the ice cream bars in the freezer.


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