Random Act of Kindness?

I was getting some Starbucks Monday morning and noticed the the trunk of the car in front of me was open. I pondered for a while…was there a reason for it to be open? No, it did not look like it. Would the lady be freaked out if I just walked up and slammed the trunk of her car? Probably. We slowly inched our was towards caffinated goodness and I decided I better do something before she drives down the street with her trunk open. So I got out, walked up to her car with some apprehension and said “Hey, your trunk is open.” She asked me to close it and I did. When I got up to the window my drink was free. Now I don’t know if she paid or if the barrista appreciated what I did (he said it was free because I did a good deed) but I drove off with a free tall skinny vanilla latte and a sense that I did something good but disappointment in myself for thinking I should be rewarded for doing something so simple and obviously the right thing to do.

Yay Latte!

So as far as knitting goes, I am busy at work knitting during testing. Heehee. My job is so darn easy sometimes. I watch a few late kids and those who don’t have to test and knit for 2 hours. It’s awesome. So Wicked continues. I’m now past the armpits and into the bust, which is 4 inches of stockinette and a little mindnumbing. But Jen (my friend) thinks it looks awesome and I tend to agree.

Here it is mid frog. I had to rip out the whole thing, rewind the center-pull ball and start over. It’s looking lovely now.


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